Radical Insight

Embody Energetic EcstasyIf you landed on this page, you already know there are no coincidences. Your Spirit is showing you - the only way out is in. Having the courage to reflect with vulnerability, courage, and integrity opens a bottomless corridor to freedom not yet known to man on this planet. Since we are energy, the key is to create an energetic template to release our attachments in the entangled quantum field of non-beneficial energy to reconnect with our true nature.  It’s an adventure, a challenge, and a reality that most people don’t understand. One must free themselves, by seeing where they have been lost.

Naome Swan has been on a Universal Sabbatical to find the keys to unlock the treasures of Collective Wisdom in the underworlds that are rooted deep within. The Galactic Heart has held her while she cracked the codes to open the prison doors to the murky portals of entrapped dimensions where she was shocked to fine parts of her own soul. She interfaced with the polluted aspects, acknowledged them, profoundly loved and recreated them to her own solar powered energetic field. Her Spirit was transformed like powerful ocean waves purifying her universal system with particles of ionic organic light.

When the organic light is used with pure intent, there is the potential to use the dark force as a polarity to go deeper using the gravitational magnetic pull known as Shakti. This creates the inner strength to anchor the negative charge known as the earth’s zero point field to ground out emotional charges used against us from the dark forces. Mother Earth, Father God, the elementals, wind, water, fire, and air, merge within our energetic system, giving the appropriate current-carrying capability to serve the planet as a whole.

To capture the essence Naome found, within the mystery of the Heart is an Art, In every corner of darkness is a spark to ignite your Spirit to the Power of the Comic fields while charging the present moment into deep spirals of seated love opening a vortex with emotional currents to be explored, embodied and actualized creating a dance with Energetic Ecstasy to bring us back into our own Universal System an organic field of interdependent.