What’s in a Name? Naome Swan vs Naomi Swan

Dear Star Tribe,

I am so happy to finally feel safe enough to write my story and get it out in an effort to help others. My out-of-the-box life has caused me to lose friends, and I have had to deal with many jealous women in my space.  Out of concern for me, friends have judged and disagreed with my unconventional lifestyle. I am able to appreciate their concern, but also have compassion and understanding, because I know they are facing their own fear, as I conquer mine.

Because of my history of being judged by others, I want to bring one of my past lives forward into this life to help my Star Seed Family. I am not a walk in; I am an aspect that has been developed over the last seven years. I have been on a Universal Sabbatical to find the keys to unlock the treasures of Collective Wisdom in the underworlds that are rooted deep within. The Galactic Heart has held me while I cracked the codes that opened the prison doors to the murky portals of entrapped dimensions; there I was shocked to find parts of my Spirit.

I had no idea what was happening when I went through these portals. Coming up with sludge in between my toes, pieces of shrapnel caught in my heart, fear and anxiety bled through my veins. There were days when I did not think I would make it.  However, because of my heavy bloodlines and past lives, there was no doubt that this was a set-up to bring back balance. Although the Universal support kept huge intrusions from puncturing my field, I had very close calls. I found when you hold an anchor to the Heart of Mother Earth and have a strong pull to the Power of the Cosmic Galactic Field, non-beneficial forces interfere and try to take you down.

I use Naome Swan as a pen name; because of my experiences, I need to set boundaries for protection. My entire life has been quite the opposite, as I did not know what boundaries were and was swallowed in a dark mass, now known as black goo. My life has been filled with trials, tribulation, and heartbreak.

Unfortunately, people become attached to a personality and put them in a box. Because my box overflowed with victim conscious energy, something needed to change. Even though I have faced many personal challenges and overcame astronomical obstacles and had my heart shattered into a million pieces, I understood that it was for the highest good of all to raise the consciousness on this planet. In a quandary, I wondered why there was so much tragedy. Life is valuable and to lose one life is too many.

Because of my near-death experiences I have come to understand that there is much more to the picture. After deep inner healing, I can say that I am able to raise my heart’s vibration to a very high resonance field.

At these times, I especially felt embraced by the Heart of the Cosmos and held in the Womb of Mother Earth. It was a gift to be able to be supported and at the same time, remember my true organic nature almost ten years after I suffered a tragedy.

At the age of 46, I asked Mother/Father God, who am I?  Why am I here? Who will value me? Suddenly, my whole life turned upside down, and I was thrown into unfamiliar territory where most refuse would go. Now I am bringing these jewels forward to help the planet. I went deep underneath the surface, to dissolve that victim identity and replace it with my Higher Self, known as Naome Swan.

That is where I step in to support my energy field and protect myself, as I am way too sensitive and pure to waste my time dodging arrows, spells, and other lower vibrational energy to take this powerful story down. Artificial intelligence has already chewed up a hundred pages of the first draft of the manuscript. They don’t want the information out. Now that I have told the truth as I see it, the next place we must go as a planet, is purity.

The name Naomi Swan was given to me many years ago, but I did not understand at the time, as I do now. You will discover the many reasons as the mysteries unravel in my book in progress, Embody Energetic Ecstasy.

When I Googled Naomi Swan in May of 2015, the name came up clean, with nothing attached. However, there were five Naomi Swans listed on Facebook and other social media sites. Therefore, I chose to spell her name as Naome Swan. Which is symbolic, because Naome has gone from the small minded (me) to the mature (Me)…to create the WE.

Shortly after I set-up the Gmail account for Naome Swan and a Facebook Time Page, the same day I received a message from a friend telling me I spelled Naome wrong and it should be Naomi. I explained why I had done this. Then my editor Googled the name Naomi Swan while editing one of my blogs. She found this porn site: http://www.youporn.com/watch/11300591/naomi-swan-clitoral-climax-massage/. it was on the first page of Google.  When I checked again a week later, it had moved down the search engine – which is good news!

Of course, I was shocked to see this porn site attached to the name Naomi Swan; I felt artificial intelligence all over this. This site was developed in July 2015, just two months after I checked out the name. I was relieved to know I had spelled the name as Naome Swan. It is no surprise that Naomi Swan – Porn Site is the exact opposite of Naome Swan’s Embody Energetic Ecstasy site; it creates a dualistic reality to take it to the next step of Equanimity. Having opposing forces, positive and negative, creates an oscillation to transform the energy to a state of zero point field of neutrality. We will be using this dualistic force to our advantage, to ground and anchor the lower vibrational fields of porn, past-lives with PentHouse realities, astral realm debris/demonic/satanic, and energetically transmitted sexual diseases, viruses, and eco-system pollution.

We will use inter and multidimensional higher energetic knowledge to move through the trenches. It is an understanding of our true self in the purest form. Simultaneously, we will benefit from the energy by balancing our templates into energetic equanimity. This in turn, will create solar power systems to free dark forces from humanity.

This is done with a daily shower of emotional cleansing, a diet filled with rich, organic food, pure thoughts and actions. By respecting and honoring your energetic temple, you will unplug from lower vibration energy that is only self-serving and no longer fills your needs. When we purify our bodies, we change the planet. First we must understand that our conditioned mind has been highly manipulated and it takes disciplined determination to walk this path. Moving from energetic co-dependency to a total self-sustained interdependent system that develops a inner – strong energy muscle it is essential in these times.

As we know – there are no accidents or coincidences; when it is out of the ordinary, it means the Universe has a hand in it. It needed to happen to ground and Embody Energetic Ecstasy.

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,


Naome Swan
Energetic Cellular Stabilizer

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