Waking up from the Spell

Dear Star Tribe,

A few days after I sent out the blog, Naomi vs. Naome, I had a number of events take place. It was as if I opened the gates to an energetic circus. In order to reach higher levels of consciousness, I continually take classes to understand the mysteries of this planet and ways to go deeper inside to find my true self.

Sometimes I am so passionate that I get myself into trouble.  A woman I met at the class had heavy fearful religious programming, she believed in entities, yet she needed an authoritative figure to follow. In this case, it was the teacher of this class.

A couple weeks after the class, a group of us decided to get together to practice what we had learned. The woman that had the religious programming shared a story and as she spoke, I sensed a huge entity attached to her, sucking the life force from her. Although she wasn’t very intuitive nor was she energy savvy, she understood the energy of dark forces.  Because I did not know her very well, I was at a loss as to what to do.

I wondered if I should tell her that she had an entity attached to her, yet I did not feel I would be in my integrity if I said nothing, so I told her.  She felt it, once I brought it to her attention.  I told her the entity hooked into her years ago and she validated me. Once a person acknowledges their part in the interaction, it brings the non-beneficial energy present between them and the entity. When this happens, I am able to assist them in grounding and removing the entity. As a Holographic Practitioner, I quarantined the entity, to keep it from harm’s way. Since I wasn’t engaging in a session with her and she was not accepting full accountability, unfortunately, that part of her stayed victim to the energy. This was causing a leak in the energy…meaning the energy was not complete. She had to leave, so I let it go, but that was the start of a downward spiral.

When I arrived home, I was having a wonderful conversation with my sister, and as we were ready to hang up, suddenly, I felt extreme pain in my left rib cage, as if I had been hit. It knocked me to the ground and I lost my breath. It took me a few minutes to gain composure. However, when I awoke the next day, I could not breathe, laugh, sneeze, move, lay down, drive – almost everything caused extreme pain. With Christmas less than three weeks away the timing could not have been worse. I meditated and asked my Higher Self to show me what happened. I was told, “If you see an entity, don’t say anything unless you are conducting a session with the person. If a person does not accept responsibility for their part in the energy transaction between them and the entity, it leaves you open because you intervened in their contract. If she had seen her role as a victim the door would have closed. Quarantined or not.”

In deep and painful humility, I was able to see my blind spot; my hero archetype was activated.  I did not set proper boundaries.  I had been working on this archetype and thought I had almost dissolved it, yet there was another aspect of it I had not seen. Although I was thankful, it didn’t help me with the agony involved.  So I went to my highly intuitive energy worker, who happen to have a cancellation to get me in. I felt the Universe supporting me. It took her three hours, but she found a huge entity under my left breast, wrapped around my rib cage. As we worked together, I was able to breathe deeply, holding on to the table for dear life. She followed the energy of the entity; it was excruciating as she extracted it through myofascial release. She gasped and said that in all her years (20) of practicing energy management, she had never seen anything like this. She said, “This entity had razor sharp talons, and wanted nothing more than to take you down.”  The pain was still there, but was now tolerable – no longer suicidal pain. I told her, “It feels better, but I still feel like I am being hung on a hook under my left rib cage.”

We both saw the same thing – a sword, yet this one was different. It had a metal coil on the end and was powered up like a chain saw, running amuck in my body.  Thank God, she was able to remove it too. After the session, she told me that someone does not like what I am doing.

It felt so good to breath without pain. I cried in gratitude on the way home; even though the pain wasn’t completely gone, I knew I was on my way.  After arriving home, I checked my email and there was a letter from the Illuminati persuading me to become a member of their cartel. It has definitely been anything but boring.

The next day, I had a first time reading from an astrologist named Marcia. I did not know her, yet my Higher Self told me to go to her. She informed me that my chart was amazing because of the mystical sense it shows. She was full of wisdom and used stories as an overview; she told me the story of Persephone the goddess, as a reference to go by in my chart.

Marcia told me that Persephone travels in the underworlds; at first she is resistant because of what she sees. She finds that the way out of misery is through understanding, compassion, and observing the different energies without fear.  She continues to learn and overcome the challenges. At first she is very gullible, yet she finds a power of compassion she did not know she had. She grows into a very wise woman and sees everyone and everything for what they truly are.  One story stands out: Persephone’s sister lost her husband, so she went down into the underworld to console her. Unfortunately, her sister’s anger from losing her husband, took over and she hung Persephone under her rib by a hook.

Awe, finally the last piece to this rib pain to break the spell. Marcia knows nothing about me. I told her about the blog I had written about going to the underworld, that I relate to this story in many ways, and shared the rib pain I had endured for the last three weeks. This gave me more information to help me break free from the unconscious chains I was bound to.

Steve Richards, the teacher of the Holographic Kinetics workshop, told us that almost everything has been manipulated, that the majority of ascended masters, angels, and goddess/gods are false and disguised to deceive in order to take over our bodies. New age propaganda tells people to merge or call them into their body by channeling.  Once a person does this, they gave up their free will to the false non-beneficial entity.  Even though it appears to be positive expanded energy, it mirrors a politician – this is what hooks and keeps people bound.  Every side has two faces, light and dark. Here is a link to Persephone’s story: http://goddess-power.com/persephone.htm.  It shows the light and the shadow; the key is to know that within each deity there is a beneficial side and there is the side that is used to manipulate the energy. We’re so powerful we don’t need to call in other energy – it is a trap. Yet we have been mind-controlled to do this for many lifetimes.  This lifetime I am breaking the spells!

True Source would not act like these deities. Why would a True Source or any god for that matter, hang someone by the ribs? Or kidnap and rape a young maiden to control and dominate, similar to Persephone’s story.  I hope by now you’re seeing the bigger picture. We have identified ourselves with these stories lifetime after lifetime, and we’re caught in the trauma of them.

It is time to become aware of the game! The woman that I met in the energy workshop somehow triggered a past time loop that mirrored Persephone’s story. An aspect of myself had been trapped. Apparently having an entity that was similar to the one attached to her, activated the entity in me.  The rib pain allowed me to see I was caught in a past time loop giving me clarity to unhook from the pain and suffering. But still, I did not have the entire picture.

Fortunately, the Universe showed me through the astrologist, that I was caught in trauma and identified with the story. I was holding onto the emotional strands of rape, control, torture, oppression, dominance, and hero archetype. That energy has now been released from me.

When we have unresolved issues (usually from past life trauma) stuck in our psyche, breaking contracts doesn’t always work, if there is even one thread of unconscious emotional trauma present, of which we may not yet be aware. The door is then open to allow that energy leak to reinstate that part of the contract. The key is using every reactive opportunity to bring it to the surface.  We must ask what are the emotional components stuck in that lifetime. Then feel it, allow it, investigate it, and the emotions will dissolve that strand discharging the energy that is driving that particular non-beneficial force.  Which will eventually break all contracts.

At that point, the Universe sent another unexpected healer, a gift to clear the finally residue of any impure energy, to make sure my energy field is clear of that past life. We found a few more strands that enmeshed with that trauma.

This entire month, as painful as it has been, has given me the deep insight. A gift to break free. Each of us holds aspects of the characteristics of these different personalities.  It is wise to read them and see where you may fit into the spectrum in order to broaden your awareness. After you have reviewed and noted the aspects, read the mythical stories to break the chains that may be binding you.


Peeling the onion within our own Universal System removes the layers as we go deeper into embodiment. This creates a sustained field of pure organic energy and we become even more anchored into the Heart of Mother Earth – her heartbeat is our own and when we align ourselves with her, nothing on the outside has power over us!

Ask your Higher Self to show you what story, emotions, characteristics, or deity you identify with? Be prepared to see the truth.  Dissolve them to embody your true energetic ecstasy!

With Deep Profound Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Cellular Stabilizer

P.S.  Only takes what resonates and leave the rest. If you’re stuck and need assistance please know I am available for sessions. Also if you would like to donate to the cause of exposing trapped energy, to be free, we deeply appreciate the support.

Resources:  Marcia Wadehttp://starsisterastrology.com/

Nancy’s Creations –  http://goddess-power.com/index.htm

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