Transforming the Collective Parasitic Imprint


The Universe/Source is always guiding us, if we would only pay attention to the Universal Language of Nature.  We are so powerful, but we have forgotten the capabilities of our absolute knowingness through the Heart Intelligence.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and many other teachers have explained the science behind quantum physics and the connection to all energy frequencies within the energetic environment that one resides.

Since we only use 5% of our conscious brain, the other 95% remains unconscious, it makes sense to look at the disturbing state of this planet, and observe the disarray among us.  From the candidates for this year elections in the US, to the global tragedies.  The pain and suffering we’re all enduring is spilling over into our physical, emotional, and spiritual world like a toxic landslide of backed up pollution, attracting hideous viruses, like a parasitic opportunist feeding on it host. Yet, the host is so busy resisting the truth about being preyed upon, it would rather be eaten alive. We must be willing to look at other species to understand the hideous climate change within our own ecology. By understanding nature’s wisdom.

Lucy Jones discovered (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis), parasitic fungus is a spore infecting the ants in the rain-forest. It takes 3-9 days to invade the insects. When the fungus has completed its life cycle, it has the ability to manipulate and overtake its body directing it away from safety.  The pod of ants proudly march up a tree soaking in humidity from the fungus to grow. Then the ant chomps on a leave and die.  The fungal threads arise from the corpse within 24 hours, pushing through the stem, to shower spores, to infect more ants. A cycle of no return.

Another example, researchers in Texas combated fire ants — by deploying parasitic flies that turn the pesky and economically costly insects into zombies whose heads fall off. As a society we need to become smarter than a colony of fire ants. And see where we repress parasitic entrapment, to free us from costly mistakes. We fall for the storefront deceptions and partake in their poison conforming to a species with no will power, no value for life, resulting in helpless humans.

This produces a society, afraid to take action for the benefit of their well-being. According to Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman the Director of the Penn Positive Psychology, “Learned helplessness is when people feel helpless to avoid negative situations because previous experience has shown them that they do not have control.” Helplessness is a past identity that we have taken personal, which accumulates energetic toxicity in our body, causing uncomfortable sensation in the cell memory. Some would call this black goo, implants or inter-dimensional hijacking. They all have the common factor of inner-dominated ownership.

To escape the painful circumstances and burning, and sometimes torturous sensation, we take pain pills, drink alcoholic beverages, or even escape through food or sexual addiction. The way out is acknowledging our state of mind and empathize with ourselves.  Ask yourself, “Am I feeling numb, shut down, horrified and afraid?” Become the observer uncomfortable sensations of anxiety, helplessness, and despair of the accumulated cell memory. At this point, we open up the quantum physic door ways to assist us. We bring the past to present time. The more we do this, the stronger and more sustained we become allowing organic energy to support us. A person I coached said, “Sitting with these sensations are like wearing an itchy sweater.” How symbolic. We have a choice to sit with this itchy sensations by focusing with our Higher Inner Intelligence or chase our tail back into external/material entrapment by needing something outside of ourselves to put a band aid over the restless accumulated sensation.

Comparable to our capitalistic agendas, it echoes the obsessive consumerism as a weapon turning the human species into helpless zombies. As ugly as it is to look at, we have to be aware of the undercurrent to find our inner-strength and power within, to dissolve this troublesome inorganic vampirism. We must first change our habits and understand the theme of our thoughts, sensations and addictions. By evicting these invaders, we’ll takes our lives back. It will, however, take strength, determination and resilience to change the neuropathways of the entire mind, body and Spirit. Preparing us to have sustainability, strength and fortitude.

We must make it a disciplined habit to uncover layer, upon layer to see the root of where the parasitic tentacles have attached. The mutation allows the negative parasitic energy to feed off self-destructive behavior. It may be tiring, tedious, and challenging, yet our lives are worth it. Everyone on this planet has been infected in one way or another. We are a host for the negative energy, and death is not a get out of jail free card. Even if we lose our physical body, we are magnetized into other non-beneficial realms of the unhealed consciousness. This is the law of cause and effect; it shows us the parasitic illusional realities in which we have become entangled.

We are not free until we encapsulate into our organic template by owning every thread of negative energy that we participated in, that caused pain and suffering on this planet, to ourselves, others, or animals. We do so by looking into every corner of ourselves with courage, and taking action to value ourselves. It is important that we understand and feel in our being when where we are triggered and overreacting.  Remember being present with yourself stops the feeding, if not we get pulled back into different thought forms.  For example, what does it feel like when we buy a new car? Joy and exhilaration. However, the external high has the potential to turn into a parasitic obsession, if there is an ego attached to the car, meaning we need the car to feel whole. We’ve been confused, because we attach to the vehicle as if it’s the person’s value or identity. The key word is attach.

Unfortunately, as a collective consciousness, we have created a feeding frenzy of inorganic waste by placing value on something outside of us because we are overly attached on the outside world.  Because of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, our society is in crisis that is in need of healing. “We need to know thyself.” Nothing is safe, except our Inner Source Energy. It takes skill and inner-discernment to tap into pure clean fields of untouched energy to support us. But refusing to look deeper into our own psychology, causes a weak persona, wanting everyone else to be responsible for our own unconscious patterns. This lack of self-awareness opens non-beneficial behavior, causing energy leaks, producing opportunistic parasitic human’s piggy backing on others for a free ride.

Which allows ‘conquer and divide’ to rule the mind. That part of the human is being eaten alive by an obnoxious pest, causing emotional captivity. Seeing the truth is impossible with this contaminating perception. This triggers an emotional reaction that energetically charges a toxic reality.

When we choose to be open to the multiplicity of insights available, we reclaim our power.  This means awakening, and clearing the cellular structure by acknowledging the pain and suffering within ourselves. Which opens up another frequency wave to another depth not seen yet. Known as multi-dimensional insight.  This serves to awaken the unconscious mind, bring in organic energy to dissolve the parasites. Its causes energetic homeostasis which builds character, and creates an organic pipeline bringing clean energy to support the pain and suffering through your Heart. This is the antidote for parasitic energetic disruptors. It is self–organizing and it’s free. By being present with deep compassion for ourselves and others, allows us to understand the depth of pain, torture and suffering. While being in this present moment, creates an organic field which actually frees us from parasitic mind viruses. It takes a strong energetic muscle to sustain embodiment.

We can do this by ourselves, however there is also synergistic power in two or more! As we share the organic genetic codes, and the aspects of our true selves, it opens up the unconscious trap doors of past or future lifetime realities to liberate us from parasitic entrapment. It changes karma into dharma, which expands the Heart Intelligence to infinite capabilities to heal thyself within all layers of the quantum field. This has the potential to eliminate the collective parasitism. We then become masters by using our collective pain, to transform the energetic collective parasitic imprint.

Tools for Freedom:

  • Meditate – Clean Your Energy at least twice a day. Especially upon rising.
  • Feel through your pain and don’t project it out. Embrace it with your Heart.
  • Create equal exchange.
  • Acknowledge and validate yourself.
  • Deepen your integrity by investigating your motives.
  • Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Value and Honor yourself.
  • Have authentic actions to be in alignment with the Divine.
  • Invest in your wellbeing/mind, body, Spirit.
  • Take responsibility for your own body/mind by being disciplined.
  • Don’t give your power away to anyone.
  • Set proper boundaries to avoid bondage.
  • Be aware and/or avoid animal/gluten/sugar/processed and GMO food products.
  • Do your research before you ingest anything into your body.
  • Don’t do any kind of mind altering drugs.
  • Do a google search on all food, chemicals and cosmetic products you use, to see how it affects the nervous system. If we buy products that abuse earth, animals and ourselves, we are participating in the parasitic traps.

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Multidimensional Cellular Stabilizer

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Video discussion/Heart Intelligence & Transforming the Parasitic Imprint: 

Some excerpts are taken from my manuscript, Embody Energetic Ecstasy, in progress.


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