Consider the Source – Beware of Parasitic Handlers

We’re at the point in evolution where we need to take energy very seriously. Our cell memory is our inner compass to discernment and once it is cleared, cleaned and released, we then become an embodied tuning fork to detect non- beneficial energy in the field.  As a result, we are creating our own cleaner inner power or “Source” of organic energy to self-sustainability. This roots us into our true nature, reclaiming our Free Will so nothing can interfere in our field our energy. Only then are we one with our Original Organic Source and able to free ourselves out of enslavement.

Unfortunately, the war on consciousness is a fact and we must understand how our parasitic world is running rapid which influences the integrity of our inner – organic alignment. When we are out of balance the collective eco system thrives on organisms (it’s host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense. This results in handling people by using deceptive inorganic by-waves to stimulate sensation in the body’s cell memory, and producing an action that sabotages a person’s life, in turn making them their own weapon.

Note: According to Wiktionary a handler, “One who handles something (especially manually) or someone. The handler of a weapon gets a symbolic sensation of deadly power.” A handler seduces at any cost, to get their lower needs met. They justify their actions to entertain defeating desires.

Lower vibrations allow people to be handled and consumedThe handler knows exactly what to do or say, to feed off their vulnerabilities. Each bite pulls people into their game, profiting from emotions and sensations the body produces. This results in pain and suffering or thirsty desire.  Their main courses are trauma, emotional wounds, fear, sexual seduction, fabricated boundaries, superiority, authority, greed, selfish actions, and any other form of emotional capitalization to fuel their parasitic bank account.

Our mission in life is to acknowledge our own inner habitual thinking production line and use this as a poly into infinite possibilities.

Every fleeting thought opens accumulated doors ready to free us or entangle us. As the energy speeds up and timelines collapse, we will be shown at a faster pace, the inner-influences to have the foresight to change our compass if needed.

By doing so, we must see where we leave ourselves open. Where do we allow non-beneficial energy in our lives? Where are we handled? Going forward what are we going to invest in?

My investment came at a high price. Starting from a life-threatening tragedy, I endured almost twenty years ago, I barely made it out alive.  Fortunately, I made it, but I was chemically injured from Western Medicine. Ever since, any kind of chemical, candles, perfumes, etc. makes me very sick.  Due to the chemical injury, I haven’t taken any drugs for the horrible pain I endure. Therefore, I spent the last sixteen years venturing into the energetic healing arts. I learned reiki, went to gurus, yoga, I attended years of energy and medical intuitive workshops, practiced tai chi, learned scanning and energy implant removal, went to mediums, tarot and angel card readers, participated in drumming, chanting, meditation, goddess, pagan circles, eastern modalities, shaman visions quests, (sweat lodges) and soul retrievals etc.  I was naïve.  I did not understand energetic boundaries, I had no idea the opportunist infestation breeding within and among me. I found out the hard way. It has been a huge learning curve.

I was gullible and lacked discernment. Several practitioners were amazing. I finally experienced relief from cranial sacral and myofascial release treatments.  The bewilderment came when I had a couple of massage therapists and physical therapists, insert me with sexual implants.  My sexual energy would surge through me like a strike of lightening.  I felt so alive.  At the time, I had some pain relief and I appreciated their support, but l came out of the sessions very confused.  I was wondering why I had the sexual urge to be with them. Thank God, I had a strong will and I never acted on my sexual sensations.  When I conveyed my sexual urge to their attention they told me they removed my sexual blocks, which may be the case. Nevertheless, their false light “healing energy” hooked into my sexual vitality and took me for a pipe dream. I became a feed for their sexual fantasy farm factory.  Without realizing it, I was tagged, with a form of possession over me.  Once tagged, it takes enormous amount of energy to untangle from these lower vibrational corridors. I did not allow them to work on me anymore. Yet, on some unconscious reality, I let them in. Then a couple of my friends, had similar experiences too. I have seen where men have been hooked also by this. It works both ways.

Fortunately, during my years of energetic mishaps, I continued my daily practice of Vipassana meditation. I loved it because there was no middle man involved. No interference. I felt deeply empowered.  As a society, we need to take out the middle man and become self-sustained. However, as we know, it is a process and until then, we may need support. Yet, how do we move through these corridors without out being subjugated to other people’s hooks, foreign energy, and viruses, entities, parasites and handlers?

As we know everyone has shadow energy and there conscious/unconscious patterns determine the different vibrations people accommodate.

Like myself, I had no idea as an empath I was absorbing false light energy, driven by the hero archetype mind set, while falling trap to sacrificial time lines.

What we don’t understand is within the shadow are layered blind spots with parasitic nesting with new eggs ready to hatch. If we don’t become aware of our lack of inner-integrity and the choices we make, we open ourselves up to infestation.  We are to become like children again to transform the energy.  The purer the heart, the purer the energy integrity, which has the inner strength to collapse all time lines infested with in-organic realities.

Therefore, we must be aware of the people we ask to support us in our lives.  Notice their actions, loyalty, heart intelligence, discernment skills, years of meditation, their knowledge, diet, experiences, do they have energy etiquette and understand energetic boundaries? Do they understand sacred space?  Notice their marketing agenda’s. Do they honor you or use you?  Do they use numbers to qualify, or use emotional manipulation to pull you in? Do they seduce with their energy? Is there a hierarchical structure? Do they use their authority to intimidate? Do they make false promises? Is it about quality or quantity? Are they determined to be number one, compete, exclude, and criticize or slander other people or teachers? Or, are they lovingly strong and gentle without agenda’s or ego based?

It’s okay to have different views, yet if concur and divide tactics are involved then the gates of domination and control have entered. This consumes the person with polluted false power with the unconscious belief that there is not enough to go around. Verses expanded awareness with synergistic pure power with absolute trust knowing there is infinite, bountiful energy for everyone.

As I wrote this blog, it was interesting how clients shared their frustration. They told me someone said they can remove all their implants in 15 minutes.  Another person was scammed for a large amount of money to save her pet. Some of these scammers won’t allow PayPal or credit cards they want cash. Just notice…these are red flags. These people usually are opportunistic who appear charming and well-spoken and don’t have your best interest in mind. They’re chameleons, controlled to deceive and they have both conscious or unconscious agenda’s, with distortions driving their inorganic machine.

I have seen energy practitioner take classes, learn different modalities, yet they don’t take time to clean their energy seriously. They go from one client to the next without clearing the field. This causes an energetic mess for all involved…especially if the practitioner is sexually out of balance. It’s like going from one used car salesperson to the next.  It is also heartbreaking to see how these handled practitioners water down or copycat original or ancient modalities for their agenda.

A good example is our food supply. A GMO tomato tastes different that an organic tomato. By changing the seed, it no longer carries the authentic energy signature and poisons everyone that takes a bite which produces an overlay of contamination in the field.

Also, keep in mind since we’re all from the same collective mind, and we’re also receiving similar information through downloads to wake this planet up. The authentic practitioner will give credit, where credit is due, including their name as an alternative resource. Unfortunately, these handled practitioners don’t have the ability to create their own processes so they piggy back and use other people’s information as their own.

Also, be aware of mind altering drugs, they open huge doors for inter-dimensional entities to invade the practitioner. It is common sense, everything has an energy signature, our actions of smoking or ingestion produces abortion and assimilation in the body. What frequency do you want in your body? Steve Richards from Holographic Kinetics explained the worst realities are mind alternating drugs. Not just street drugs, marijuana and Ayahuasca. He had case study after case study, that the people who have taken mind alternating drugs including alcohol are the most invaded.

If the practitioners have lower vibrational thoughts, then needs and actions of impurity becomes a vibrational match for parasitic infestation thus polluting the practitioner.  Parasites jump from one person to the next, yet they can only stick if there is vibrational match just like fly paper or Velcro.  It is a learning curve to understand the traps out there.

Another red flag I have heard from clients are the false promises. One client told me her practitioner removed and showed her how to remove her implants. Once they were removed, she would be pain free. My client did not have the sustainability to keep the invasion out. She had the skill, the logic and the understanding. Yet without inner-strength and inner-power they come right back in.

The pain may ease or dissolve for the time being, but nothing is permanent and energy changes.  Everyone is different and unique to their own energy. As we clean up one layer, another one appears with different energy implants/signatures. Therefore, be aware of cookie cutter statements to emotionally hook you. We need to go deeper than the conceptual state of the mind. People are often manipulated through the conceptual mind.  According to author David Roam, “The Conceptual mind is very good at identifying parts and putting different parts together in new combinations, but it is not good at holding a sense of the whole.”

Because of these significant changes I have experienced through Vipassana technique, I decided to understand the ancient wisdom on a deeper level. The late Vipassana Teacher, SN Goenka, explains Vipassana meditation and how different programs work within our system. Negative defilements of the mind are layers of accumulated energy from this live and past live times causing pain and suffering. The negative defilements are stored in each cell of the body causing the sensations in the body to react causing imbalances. This in turn, accumulates more non-beneficial energy to be used as false light realities. We give consent by our triggers, the very reaction, activates the sensation with strong current taking over our Free Will. Which is the root of all addictions.

After eon’s this accumulated energy takes shapes and form within the ethereal body and open doorways from other realities depending on the vibration of the form. It has the potential to attach or morph inside a person.  I have seen dis-incarnate bodies, machines, spiders, maggots, octopus creatures, snakes, parasites, viruses, archon, reptilian, demons, draconian, animals, and archetypal imprints, satanic ritual, rape, genocide, torture chambers, that we’re entrapped into. Unfortunately, the manipulation on the planet has enhanced these pathways way to produce more inorganic forces. However, manipulation can only enter our system if there is a manipulation program running within us. The way out, is to stop any form of manipulation, even if it is a means of survival. Surrender instead and trust and know that Grace will intervene for the highest of all. It may not be what your unconscious drivers like and you may be disappointed, yet when you see it is clearing out an inorganic reality within you – the gift is priceless. Nothing is better than experiential. You can read books, go to movies, listen to stories, but until you live through it – it hits the deep parts of cellular understanding to change the quantum fields into body alignment.

We must first see where we are objectified into manipulation. The places that flattered the ego is strengthen the external outside needs is a good place to start.  SN Goenka explains, that you’re playing an intellectual game, whenever the mind is involved it is wasting pure intuition. Because it’s operating on concepts, procedures, emotions, attachments, affirmations, and logic in the unrefined surface of the mind. We pull the weed at the surface/conceptual mind, but we don’t pull the root. We need to go past the root into the absolute knowing noble mind, which is a skillful art of living.

Vipassana is skill and an art.  According to the Vipassana Manual the meditation takes practice, skill and discipline. To work through the four stages of the mind:

(a) kāma- consciousness is that which is under the dominance of desire prevailing in the world of sense desire. It is fourfold, thus: moral immoral, resultant, and ineffective.

(b) Rūpa-consciousness is the mind which has become free from sense-desire but remains under the dominance of the desire prevailing in the fine-material world. It is threefold, thus: moral, resultant, and ineffective.

(c) Arūpa-consciousness is also the mind which has become free from desire for the fine-material, but remains under the dominance prevailing in the immaterial world. It is also threefold, thus: moral, resultant, and ineffective.

d)Lokuttara, or supramundane consciousness-is the noble mind which has become free from the threefold desire, and has transcended the three planes, kāma, rūpa, and arūpa. It is of two kinds, thus: noble consciousness in the path and noble consciousness in the fruition.” The goal of this practice is self-understanding.

The Vipassana Meditation teaches to observe the knots of pain in the body. This technique purifies and eradicates the mental defilements accumulated over my many lifetimes. Every cell has its own memory of pain, sorrow, anger and joy. Self-observation, creates breathing room within to have the space to eliminate the emotional hooks building the energetic muscle to break the habits of the mind freeing the cellular structure while simultaneously creating power, integrating the Divine Light, resulting in sovereignty and interdependence. This means no one can come into your space and manipulate you, because you’re now clear enough to see with the clarity.  Clarity has layers, the deeper you go the more you see. Yet it takes discipline, fortitude and courage.

Vipassana opens the four elements in the body (earth, water, fire and wind) they arise through the sensation of heavy, (earth), heat (fire), fluid (water) and flutter (air).  Purifying these realities takes inner-dignity to open multidimensional actualities.  All the while, it gives you the insight of past lives running, while optimizing your senses to deeper state which expands discernment. It allows your sensuous being to embody unknown heightened feelings, causing extremes passion or compassion. This brings profound understanding with joy, sorrows, laughter and tragedy awakening inner awareness to value yourself wholeheartedly with inner presence to anchor inner-sustainability. At this point, inner-integrity is realized, actualized and revitalizes every cell embodying energetic ecstasy.

Understanding the layers of the mind gives us the ability to understand what framework people are coming from. What consciousness is driving their vehicle?  If they haven’t opened the first three consciousness and worked through them. There stuck at the conceptual mind, then they’re apt to infect other people while teaching, facilitating, supporting or healing. Remember the storefront deception – is even deceiving the handler.

As you can see if the False Light Implant removals are being performed at the kāma, rūpa, and arūpa consciousness which is in the realms of desires, immorality and materialism. The practitioner’s only can perform implant removal at the consciousness of their own mind, which is why the root of the implant may not be eradicated.

Money is not the root of all evil – Energy is – if we stay trapped in the surface/conceptual mind of entanglement fueling the evil empire. Blindness means absence of truth. Absence of truth means absence of light and absence of light means invasion.

Therefore, people or practitioners are only able to support other people depending on their own inner purification, initiations and experiences they overcame. It takes an inner-strength and discipline to being aware of lower vibrational, thoughts, perversions and immoral issues that are playing behind the scenes in the unconscious mind. Purification is a process, it is challenging to go through the corridors to overcome hell storms, traumas and tragedy. Authentic practitioners have been initiated many times, deepening through inner understanding after experiencing the complexity of energy. They have an infinite compassion. Because they understand the pain and suffering endured. It is a destructive process to see through the smoke and mirrors, eradicating untruth.

If the practitioner is still standing, then you will know their strength, integrity fortitude and inner-sight. They can see all spectrum’s, views, and possibilities with deep compassion and understanding because they value, honor and respect all sentient beings. They don’t run away from deep emotional trauma or pigeon whole people into “she or he is dark,” judgments. They don’t run from tragedy they embrace it, because they have the intelligence to dissolve the energy with total embodiment, through their own clearing experiences by facing every non-beneficial pattern with inner-courage. They don’t let anything stop them, even when their knocked to the ground, because they know in the end, there is a jewel of wisdom on the other side. Resulting in a vibrational match to the Diamond Heart Intelligence thus having crystal clear access to loyalty, authenticity dignity, and another way to embody energetic ecstasy.

Take time to investigate, obtain referrals, and reflect with your own inner guidance is very imperative in these times. Like anything we must do our homework and consider the source. It will save you time, money, and turmoil. We must examine people’s actions, intentions, agenda’s, and integrity. Do they treat you how you want to be treated?  Is a good point of reference? Remember, we must value ourselves with every action, thought and ingestion.

When must look at energy and understand what we’re giving consent if we allow it in our space.  To avoid contamination, we must invest in ourselves to make an empowered decision and avoid infection.

Look for the following when you are considering the Source —

  • Using someone else material without giving them credit.
  • Are they using someone else’s business name?
  • Do you feel the copycat energy signature?
  • Are they grandiose?  Self-centered, or Superior?
  • Use emotions to hook and pull.
  • Use sexual seduction by their words or chi energy.
  • Charmers
  • Hierarchal
  • Make it about the money.
  • Infected with New Age Agenda?
  • Falsify credentials
  • Use Chi to stimulate sexual sensation
  • Make False promise
  • Seduce with their body
  • Use ancient watered-down wisdom, and make it their own.


With Deep Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan

Energetic Multidimensional Cellular Stabilizer

Archetypes attached to the False Light Practitioner:  Politician, Hero, Savior, Prostitute, Don Juan, Healer, Chameleon, Black Widow etc. Teacher, Preacher, Healer, Doctor, Superman: Carolyn Mass Archetypes:

S.N. Goenka:

Dangers of Ayahuasca:

Some excerpts are taken from my manuscript Embody Energetic Ecstasy in the works.

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