Transforming the Collective Parasitic Imprint


The Universe/Source is always guiding us, if we would only pay attention to the Universal Language of Nature.  We are so powerful, but we have forgotten the capabilities of our absolute knowingness through the Heart Intelligence.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and many other teachers have explained the science behind quantum physics and the connection to all energy frequencies within the energetic environment that one resides.

Since we only use 5% of our conscious brain, the other 95% remains unconscious, it makes sense to look at the disturbing state of this planet, and observe the disarray among us.  From the candidates for this year elections in the US, to the global tragedies.  The pain and suffering we’re all enduring is spilling over into our physical, emotional, and spiritual world like a toxic landslide of backed up pollution, attracting hideous viruses, like a parasitic opportunist feeding on it host. Yet, the host is so busy resisting the truth about being preyed upon, it would rather be eaten alive. We must be willing to look at other species to understand the hideous climate change within our own ecology. By understanding nature’s wisdom.

Lucy Jones discovered (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis), parasitic fungus is a spore infecting the ants in the rain-forest. It takes 3-9 days to invade the insects. When the fungus has completed its life cycle, it has the ability to manipulate and overtake its body directing it away from safety.  The pod of ants proudly march up a tree soaking in humidity from the fungus to grow. Then the ant chomps on a leave and die.  The fungal threads arise from the corpse within 24 hours, pushing through the stem, to shower spores, to infect more ants. A cycle of no return.

Another example, researchers in Texas combated fire ants — by deploying parasitic flies that turn the pesky and economically costly insects into zombies whose heads fall off. As a society we need to become smarter than a colony of fire ants. And see where we repress parasitic entrapment, to free us from costly mistakes. We fall for the storefront deceptions and partake in their poison conforming to a species with no will power, no value for life, resulting in helpless humans.

This produces a society, afraid to take action for the benefit of their well-being. According to Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman the Director of the Penn Positive Psychology, “Learned helplessness is when people feel helpless to avoid negative situations because previous experience has shown them that they do not have control.” Helplessness is a past identity that we have taken personal, which accumulates energetic toxicity in our body, causing uncomfortable sensation in the cell memory. Some would call this black goo, implants or inter-dimensional hijacking. They all have the common factor of inner-dominated ownership.

To escape the painful circumstances and burning, and sometimes torturous sensation, we take pain pills, drink alcoholic beverages, or even escape through food or sexual addiction. The way out is acknowledging our state of mind and empathize with ourselves.  Ask yourself, “Am I feeling numb, shut down, horrified and afraid?” Become the observer uncomfortable sensations of anxiety, helplessness, and despair of the accumulated cell memory. At this point, we open up the quantum physic door ways to assist us. We bring the past to present time. The more we do this, the stronger and more sustained we become allowing organic energy to support us. A person I coached said, “Sitting with these sensations are like wearing an itchy sweater.” How symbolic. We have a choice to sit with this itchy sensations by focusing with our Higher Inner Intelligence or chase our tail back into external/material entrapment by needing something outside of ourselves to put a band aid over the restless accumulated sensation.

Comparable to our capitalistic agendas, it echoes the obsessive consumerism as a weapon turning the human species into helpless zombies. As ugly as it is to look at, we have to be aware of the undercurrent to find our inner-strength and power within, to dissolve this troublesome inorganic vampirism. We must first change our habits and understand the theme of our thoughts, sensations and addictions. By evicting these invaders, we’ll takes our lives back. It will, however, take strength, determination and resilience to change the neuropathways of the entire mind, body and Spirit. Preparing us to have sustainability, strength and fortitude.

We must make it a disciplined habit to uncover layer, upon layer to see the root of where the parasitic tentacles have attached. The mutation allows the negative parasitic energy to feed off self-destructive behavior. It may be tiring, tedious, and challenging, yet our lives are worth it. Everyone on this planet has been infected in one way or another. We are a host for the negative energy, and death is not a get out of jail free card. Even if we lose our physical body, we are magnetized into other non-beneficial realms of the unhealed consciousness. This is the law of cause and effect; it shows us the parasitic illusional realities in which we have become entangled.

We are not free until we encapsulate into our organic template by owning every thread of negative energy that we participated in, that caused pain and suffering on this planet, to ourselves, others, or animals. We do so by looking into every corner of ourselves with courage, and taking action to value ourselves. It is important that we understand and feel in our being when where we are triggered and overreacting.  Remember being present with yourself stops the feeding, if not we get pulled back into different thought forms.  For example, what does it feel like when we buy a new car? Joy and exhilaration. However, the external high has the potential to turn into a parasitic obsession, if there is an ego attached to the car, meaning we need the car to feel whole. We’ve been confused, because we attach to the vehicle as if it’s the person’s value or identity. The key word is attach.

Unfortunately, as a collective consciousness, we have created a feeding frenzy of inorganic waste by placing value on something outside of us because we are overly attached on the outside world.  Because of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, our society is in crisis that is in need of healing. “We need to know thyself.” Nothing is safe, except our Inner Source Energy. It takes skill and inner-discernment to tap into pure clean fields of untouched energy to support us. But refusing to look deeper into our own psychology, causes a weak persona, wanting everyone else to be responsible for our own unconscious patterns. This lack of self-awareness opens non-beneficial behavior, causing energy leaks, producing opportunistic parasitic human’s piggy backing on others for a free ride.

Which allows ‘conquer and divide’ to rule the mind. That part of the human is being eaten alive by an obnoxious pest, causing emotional captivity. Seeing the truth is impossible with this contaminating perception. This triggers an emotional reaction that energetically charges a toxic reality.

When we choose to be open to the multiplicity of insights available, we reclaim our power.  This means awakening, and clearing the cellular structure by acknowledging the pain and suffering within ourselves. Which opens up another frequency wave to another depth not seen yet. Known as multi-dimensional insight.  This serves to awaken the unconscious mind, bring in organic energy to dissolve the parasites. Its causes energetic homeostasis which builds character, and creates an organic pipeline bringing clean energy to support the pain and suffering through your Heart. This is the antidote for parasitic energetic disruptors. It is self–organizing and it’s free. By being present with deep compassion for ourselves and others, allows us to understand the depth of pain, torture and suffering. While being in this present moment, creates an organic field which actually frees us from parasitic mind viruses. It takes a strong energetic muscle to sustain embodiment.

We can do this by ourselves, however there is also synergistic power in two or more! As we share the organic genetic codes, and the aspects of our true selves, it opens up the unconscious trap doors of past or future lifetime realities to liberate us from parasitic entrapment. It changes karma into dharma, which expands the Heart Intelligence to infinite capabilities to heal thyself within all layers of the quantum field. This has the potential to eliminate the collective parasitism. We then become masters by using our collective pain, to transform the energetic collective parasitic imprint.

Tools for Freedom:

  • Meditate – Clean Your Energy at least twice a day. Especially upon rising.
  • Feel through your pain and don’t project it out. Embrace it with your Heart.
  • Create equal exchange.
  • Acknowledge and validate yourself.
  • Deepen your integrity by investigating your motives.
  • Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Value and Honor yourself.
  • Have authentic actions to be in alignment with the Divine.
  • Invest in your wellbeing/mind, body, Spirit.
  • Take responsibility for your own body/mind by being disciplined.
  • Don’t give your power away to anyone.
  • Set proper boundaries to avoid bondage.
  • Be aware and/or avoid animal/gluten/sugar/processed and GMO food products.
  • Do your research before you ingest anything into your body.
  • Don’t do any kind of mind altering drugs.
  • Do a google search on all food, chemicals and cosmetic products you use, to see how it affects the nervous system. If we buy products that abuse earth, animals and ourselves, we are participating in the parasitic traps.

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Multidimensional Cellular Stabilizer

Copyright © 2014-2017

Video discussion/Heart Intelligence & Transforming the Parasitic Imprint: 

Some excerpts are taken from my manuscript, Embody Energetic Ecstasy, in progress.


Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman/Helpless Humans:

Fire Ants/ABC News:

Lucy Jones/BBC Earth:

Neuro Science News:



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Choosing the Hero Within!

Within any relationship there is a dynamic that we must examine to see if we have built a foundation that is either based on illusions or the denying of oneself.

As we travel into the infinite mind and the corridors unravel, we see all players, all sub-personalities, and all identities. Many are associated with the webs of co-dependency that make it all about ‘me’, therefore, we are not seeing the omnipotent self.

In some cases, one or both partners, do not choose the relationship. When one does not commit 100%, it drives the emotions through the rocky road of insecurity. This results in some form of control, because fear is operating on a level not yet seen. How do we unravel the turmoil of the mind, in order to discover where the inorganic energy is being affected by the fear virus?

Let’s use an example where one partner is consistently choosing work, addiction, friends, or even sex with others over his partner. However, perhaps he dashes in for a quick fix of emotional care, maybe a little sex, and is off again into his fanatical world of outside pleasure, thus making it about the “me” and “my” needs … resulting in separation, agendas, or conquer and divide energy. Meanwhile, his partner is left in the web of confusion.  Wondering why something so spectacular has been polluted with forces outside of themselves. (Note in this example I used the masculine energy, yet it works both ways.)

Our Spirit is constantly showing us the way out of the corridor to grow our wings and fly.  One must ask themselves, why would the partner I am with, not choose me? What am I not giving myself? What is my partner showing me? What belief am I identifying with? Am I comparing? What is it about me that is not enough? Is jealousy involved? Whatever identity I am wearing is it causing duality within myself? Is there a blind spot of negative energy running the show?  That spins into crazy resentment, blocking precious heart energy. At the same time, is it choking my life force with more blindness? All to fulfill an outside need that only I can fill.

As a society we have been heavily conditioned with the hero’s journey movies to be the chosen one. We feel a sense of relief, knowing in the end that the hero survives and helps those around him. With this type of conditioning, we choose the outside forces to make us whole; we fall for the fantasy, and identify with the characters in the movie. This produces a misleading heroic journey, living a life filled with masks, hoping to find the maiden to save. We go through life with an upside down map – not knowing which way is north or south. Our confused perception wonders why our fanatical world hasn’t come alive.  We deny ourselves, with a sense of abandonment or self-rejection, repressing even more emotions, resulting in a system full of sludge. At this point our life becomes murky and falls apart; we are then caught in a downward spiral. Unfortunately, shame and guilt attach to the false identity, as a means to shield our selves from the painful reality of delusion. We then punish the person we love, because they did not meet our self-absorbed game called the hero’s journey. Fortunately, energy can be transformed as long as we’re willing to look deep within and face those parts we have denied.

The first place to start is by becoming emotionally available to our self. This will dissolve the heavy unconscious imprints that are keeping us bound in pain and suffering.  We’re able to find deep compassion knowing that we were subjugated as children. We were wide open, allowing the conditioning to start at a very early age.

Removing the conditioning takes courage, to find and examine the energetic structure of the patterns in the mind, requires consistence focused awareness.  When we have a very strong will to heal, sometimes we unconsciously set up a stage to expose the buried land minds to find the gold inside.  That’s exactly what my husband Rick and I did. We have what some people might term an ‘open’ marriage. But it’s not. Nor is it polyamory, its  a supportive creative monogamy partnership for these intense times.  It is a dynamic “out of the box” relationship to meet the needs without government interference. We have been married for twenty-six years, but now feel that our karmic circle together is complete and it’s time to close the term marriage and let go. However, we both live with autoimmune diseases, due to a sequence of unfortunate events, and have agreed to stay together and support each other as friends. Rick wants to support me because he deeply cares for my well-being.  However, he is no longer interested in an intimate relationship. He is aware and has made the choice to not to go deeper into himself on this level. Therefore, we have become energetically miss-matched.

Burning our old marriage contract shifted the energy and opened the door to unity, community, and self-love. We no longer feel we are in a marriage contract with each other.  We don’t need a middle man to file divorce papers. We’re creating something new to up-level our consciousness by different experiences to wake up our subconscious minds.  Standing alone for the first time in years gave us a view we had never felt before. We were so neurotically enmeshed with each other that we knew on the highest level that it was time to untangle the strands of co-dependency. Not really understanding where our lives would go, we recognized that we would find what we needed to grow deeper into our True-Self.

When I least expected it, Jason entered my life as a new character in the cast I call my life.  It was like nothing I’d ever felt before; it felt as if the doors of enchantment opened and pulled me into the passage of self-discovery so that I can find those stubborn streaks and one day reflect to the world the organic power of my True-Self. It only made sense that we become one family, supporting each other in whatever way we could. Rick totally and willingly surrendered our relationship to Jason, somehow knowing that the relationship would explode in the shadows of dominance, control, and oppression. He provided me with another new and different opportunity to grow and learn.

Jason and I both had work to do to clear our negative attachments. Equality, trust, and equanimity are the truest forms of our organic nature; this means loving oneself so deeply that nothing on the outside has the ability to cause pain and distress. Doing so will create an encapsulated field with the inner masculine holding the inner feminine, and allowing her safety. Meanwhile her emptiness has the ability to be completely whole even among the wild fires inside. This takes deep self-love, melting blocked emotions to become the alchemist, turning her into energetic golden waves of ecstasy.

Jason and I agreed that our unconscious and conditioned mind, were causing problems. We wanted to work on the constant interference, programs and monkey mind. Just when we found ourselves, the doors opened to our past lives. This only fed the sea of flames fueling our emotions, which is perfectly designed to clear our energetic field on our journey to wholeness.

All three of us know that this is the key to freedom. This dynamic will bring entrapped inner child wounds to the surface; most don’t see this until there is a place of structured safety. We found it takes a family to raise the inner wounded child into maturity and while all three of us explored into our own Hero’s Journey.

Of course, this dynamic brought emotional wounds to the surface. Jason felt like the third party on many levels, as his inner child felt excluded. Until he loves and honor himself, his fear will continue to cause separation within the relationship with himself and with me. Jason chooses to be in for a while, yet I am not the priority in his life. He finds ways to deeply open my heart, makes promises to change, and give me hope.  Yet, somehow things would change. Jason would leave me for a job, family, or the most painful of all – connecting with other women friends on an intimate energetic/emotional level.  Naturally, I feel rejected, abandoned, and scared as the fears well up inside. All I want is to be chosen by the man I love, however, it’s too unsafe to commit fully and be by his side without Rick. Meanwhile, Rick held space for us to see how wounded our inner child’s minds, were. Coming from similar backgrounds, we both had been scarred from abuse. We experienced similar upbringings and were also caught in the cross fire of our fathers’ womanizing and our grandfathers’ pedophilia.

What does one do? Pull out the tools from the physiology of the patriarchy paradigm and call it red flags and put up boundaries?  Take anti-depressants? Do we fall in the victim game and blame?  Do we call it quits because we aren’t getting our emotional needs met?

Or do we stand in the fire and see our love for each other? Taking responsibility and accountability for our own emotional unavailability? Are we willing to see our projections of fear? We soon recognized that we had been punishing one another because their scars run deep. Blinded by confusion with our judgmental swords and found it too painful to be at war. We both, shut down our hearts to our own Hero Within. It is impossible to save another, without first saving ourselves. As we grew spiritually and emotionally we realized that the only way out is within, by being our own Hero. This is the true Hero’s journey.

How does one become ‘their own’ Hero? One must acknowledge where they are falling for the illusion that the hero is outside of themselves. It is easier to look on the outside – yet it is hugely rewarding to look within.

Each partner must do their part to embody the field of ecstasy. It is easily tainted with strands of toxic emotions. One cannot do the work for the other. If you’re ready to step up to this courageous inner awareness – be ready for a challenge, an adventure, and ride the tidal waves of intimacy. It will give you the intelligence and passion to remove the deep emotions that are blocking your heart.

By asking questions we open the energetic field for healing.  Where do you avoid being the parent to your inner child? Is it work, an addiction, the next relationship, hobbies, family or friends? Notice if the fallen hero has an emotional wars inside.  Is it numbness? So you don’t have to feel the energetic weapons stemming from your own mind? This will only result in creating layers of more armor around the heart, allowing outside forces to play the game of fanatical attachments. Not choosing yourself is playing the game; it poisons the mind allowing in external inorganic pollutants that destroy relationships by sabotaging the Hero within. By being the victim to your own fanatical grandiose hero projecting out with emotional needs.

Would it not be better to stay in your own domain and be in mature observation? There one has the ability to sit in meditation and actualize their emotions by feeling the sensations that arise in the body. This will allow the Divine Presence of their Higher Self, their Spirit, to love and hold their inner child. Taking such loving action in it’s self, encourages the inner child to feel safe by feeling seen and included. It also alchemizes the fearful emotions, dissolving them into their True Source.  This has the capability of melting the emotional prison walls, creating space in that moment; then the Hero’s Journey stops being a game, because we are choosing our own inner Light. We then shine with true Heart Essence – radiating at a frequency of Divine Ecstasy.

At this point, both Heroes are already whole in their entirety, with no attachments, only organic cosmic waves of purified delight.  Their purified Hearts opens wide to their Loved One. The orgasmic electrical field transmitting through the meridians in the body is causes a planetary resurrection, awakening the world to a new profound journey. Choose the Inner Hero’s journey … the time is now to be Free!

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Multidimensional Cellular Stabilizer

Some excerpts are taken from my manuscript Embody Energetic Ecstasy in the works.

P.S. Here is the link to the youtube video discussing this blog in deeper detail:


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It’s going to take more than White Light

All people evolve on a personal and spiritual level; they are influenced by different spectrums of discipline, their culture, communication skills, knowledge of energy, and style of meditation. In addition, we must take into account past life influences, the amount of courage, integrity, humility, accountability, and the degree to which they are able to be vulnerable, while still setting healthy boundaries. All are components of what becomes the masterpiece of our Heart Intelligence.

Being extremely sensitive, one of the first lessons I learned is to consider the source as a way to avoid being targeted. Before I allow energy into my field, I utilize the Heart Intelligence by mastering observation, investigation and discernment. I decline any product that causes pain and suffering during manufacturing or as a result of utilizing it. Products made with chemicals disrupt the endocrine system, which is another tactic to weaken the body. In addition, I do my best to be with people with high values and morals, who have empathy and integrity, maturity, and their intensions are for the highest good for all.

Sometimes even the most awakened people endure life circumstances that are triggered by fear and control. At that point, I observe the root behind the source.  It takes energy management skills to rewire the energy and have absolute insight to decipher deception.  It’s an art in compassion and sometimes these lessons are heartbreaking. We must go beyond the norm and be willing to look at our own blind spots without projecting them onto other people.  It takes courage to change the animalistic ‘monkey mind’ behavior in all of us.  However, it is worth it. It’s time for us to be free from the monkey mind fantasy.

Unfortunately, most people are blind to these ‘monkeys’ driving their emotions. Past traumas split the mind and disassociate wounded personalities, causing the ego to take over, to run, jump, avoid, rage, control, and roll in obsession, etc. Since we are so injured, it’s almost impossible to see other people’s points of view; this is because there is a crack in the lens causing distorted interpretations and making perceptions skewed.  It entraps people into self-sabotage because of the pre-conditioning ingrained in their mind, resulting in abandonment.

With this deep seated negative programming, people are triggered and automatically revert back to their past. They are kidnapped by their inner-child scars. It is literally like the old adage of ‘five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and broke it’s head.’ In their childhood timeline, the traumatic emotions of each event were whisked into lock down to be used as an emotional weapon as abusive behavior later in life. Either they will be the receiver of abuse, or the abuser.

Through many initiations, trials and errors, a person who finally has the capacity to gently hold themselves, will also have the energetic muscle to hold other people. They’re able to engage in neutral ground, listen, not speak or be triggered, and bring the frequencies to a peaceful still point.  This will  support the other person’s wounded inner child by opening a heart exchange and discovering another level of understanding. Or it will trigger the hell out of them; the energy that was stuck in lock down is now activated; they go into a trance, blindfolded by the monkey, and they’re not aware they have been hijacked. They react by jumping out of their bodies, projecting out to blame, become emotionally abusive, or run to escape the trapped fear.

Inside their unconscious mind their inner-child is screaming to be heard and seen. Or maybe wanting to remain invisible because the fear is too overwhelming.  Either way, their emotional pain outweighs any intelligence; suddenly, the emotions are driving them of the cliff and their holding on for dear life. Shock, terror, and trauma ignite the emotional charge to their nervous system, causing them to drive recklessly, spinning out of control with unresolved issues.

Everyone else around them can see their mental state has been influenced by the dysfunctional patterns set up from past lives and or this lifetime.  Without being aware of the psychosis, the person remains entangled in their own hell. They may even think they are beyond this earth and have no issues. The ‘monkey mind’ has seduced them into a grandiosity strong hold and they think their King of Bunker Hill. They feel so superior and above the rest, that they feel entitled to suck the energy out of people without even thinking twice.   Fortunately, these super charged dysfunctional relationships have the potential to electrify the present moment.  With determination, the Universe is showing us the way out by grounding out any lower vibrational monkey mind frequency waves that aren’t our true nature.

The most prone to this type of set up is the twin soul/flame coupling. Yet behind the curtain, more doors open to dungeons and dragons, into the so called Alien Love Bite phenomena (authored by Evie Lorgen). So many have felt this deep profound love, that it must be experienced to appreciate the impact it has on those that have lived it. It is not the typical lover relationship; it goes way beyond the limits known to mankind and very few dare to venture there. Biting this poison apple, has the capability to entrap the mind, body, and Spirit. The only way out is in.  It takes a deep honest reflection in the mirror to tame the monkeys caught in these realities to unravel the darkness, to break the spell entrenched in our society. Upon my research I found this short paragraph on this website:  Please scroll down to read and understand the game. It is entertaining and tactlessly true on many levels.

With each opened door it is an initiation through integrity. It’s an opportunity to clean up past lives, clear away false identities, and dissolve any past life emotional accumulation. These can be caused by a chemical reaction of pheromones, super-sized in sexual desire, domination, oppression, and control.  Within the accumulated energy are backlogs of energy that has been misplaced, misused, and stolen.

To reclaim our authentic mind, we need to understand the importance of building our organic energetic system by emotional weight lifting, by being disciplined, being humbled, breaking habits, and taming the monkeys.  By owning our part in this game, we will have all the solar power we need to free us from enslavement through embodying the purified fields of ecstasy.

As with any game, we need to have a strategy to bring us back to our inner organic architectural structure. It takes a strong will with fortitude, endurance, and bravery. This is not for the weak.  Far deeper than the religious/new age/UFO paradigm.  So many people have missed the boat because of the discipline involved.  It takes authentic action to dive deep and understand the dark forces in our own holographic mind, and how they connect to the collective mind.

When we’re able to be equanimous, accepting everything as is, without reacting, is the goal.  At this time, taking action without energetic entanglement is the key. We must see and understand our own participation in the situation. To meet our goal it takes practice to observe the fear or negative emotions, giving it room to breathe by stepping back, taking a deep breath, then feel the deep-seated pain and suffering.  It’s not taking a magic pill, hoping for change, waiting for some kind of alien, super hero, or Jesus to save us. We must all be the captain of our own ship. With any ship it needs to be tight with no emotional energy leaks. Consequently, I have seen that when the storms arrive, many people want to jump ship to avoid facing their own demons.

We must let down the anchors, allow the storm, and do the heavy lifting. With any weight lifter we need the weights to build the muscle. In this case the twin flame or love bite set up is the perfect gym to build and sustain our inner architecture. Intense push and pull brings up emotional dead weight to the surface to balance the masculine and feminine energy from the old conditioned patterns. Moving from co-dependent, narcissistic, and co-narcissistic relationships, evolving into interdependence.  Every emotional contraction precedes an expansion to transformation.  Focused anchored presence, determination, and Heart Intelligence support the core muscle for radical acceptance, accountability, humility, trust, and ultimate integrity.

We first must pull back the covers, step back and understand the unconscious mind. It runs like the Internet, behind the scenes. Similar to a webserver, it has no memory, yet hosted by different realities with a driver that may run unauthorized programs. Like the past life cell memory in body, it doesn’t know if the content is real or fake. The physiological pathways have been interrupted from disturbance caused by the fragmented mind. Do you ever wonder how someone can twist the truth…and justify their behavior? Usually from resisting shame. The impure thoughts loop over and over until wired to automatically divert the truth, causing deep rivets in the neuropathway of the mind. They’re blindsided by their own shadow, unknowingly betraying themselves while caged in the monkey marbles of denial.

That is why every weightlifter has a program to understand the dangers involved to avoid injury. Similarly, by understanding that these programs are crawling with viruses, malicious spyware, and one of the most insidious types of Trojan horse, which claims to get rid of the viruses, but instead introduces more. It is the same with the energy systems of our body; they have been invaded with such viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungus, and one that most people don’t understand are satanic transmitted sexual diseases (STDs).  We have had our energetic boundaries encroached on with malicious remote reviewer, just ready to target us when we are at our weakest. Or they sneak in while making love, using any kind of lower frequency to pounce, leaving us wide open to be used in satanic warfare.

All of these negative, non-beneficial programs can be turned into a benefit once we understand and do the work of clearing, scanning, and defragmenting our own energetic system as part of weight lifting warm ups. First we must acknowledge the negative ‘monkey mind’ which are the inorganic files playing in the background, then reclaim our energy from the different past/ parallel realities. By doing so, we build our energetic muscle, strong enough to dissolve the roots of these impurities from unconscious matter, transforming them into our original organic template.

It is imperative to dissolve non-beneficial energetic programs.  No matter how dark or pest-ridden the programs are, we use our own Inner-Source Code (or our Inner Spirit) to facilitate, observe, center, rewrite, and transform our inner purification model and ground the energy. Each time this is done the energetic muscle is stronger by reshaping, rewiring, revitalizing, and revealing a higher frequency radiating the life force within you. The inner-strength is so resilient that nothing can push it off center.  Any interference is seen, grounded, and anchored to regenerate to our natural state of being.

Understanding how this feels in the energetic body, is helpful.  Imagine being a lighthouse, every wave of emotion is an opportunity, to lift the emotional baggage to up-level your consciousness. Which untangles the non-beneficial emotional standing in your way. Each time you change the neuropathways that are dysfunctional, it automatically breaks the habits of old worn out painful conditioning; this allows beneficial energy to be secured into your energetic bank account to cleanse your system. The architecture of the lighthouse becomes the energetic body, it feels spacious, strong, secluded, and safe. It is surrounded with purified energy from the organic light above, deeply sustained in your own domain and fastened to Mother Earth, your homeostasis environment. Think of it as seat-belted into your True Energy Source, yet with the freedom to fly.

Building the energetic muscle has paid off, leaving your energetic body empty, organized and hollow ready for inner-alchemizing.  Just like – “as above – so below,” also refers to, “what is out – is also in.”   Therefore, inside our holographic bodies we also have the solar system and earth properties.

Within this structure, the inner-sun shines through to the inner-well.  It is like a hydraulic system that works with magnifying polarities of light and dark. Using the electrostatic charge, it builds when there are two energies (inner or outer masculine and feminine) moving and creating emotional friction, exercising the emotional body and cutting through the fog to laser sharp discernment.

The next state of the game, one must have the audacity to dive deep into the corridors of self-excavation. Convection and unstoppable longing and yearning are utilized to penetrate the most challenging energies being driven in the nervous system.  By agitating fear, suppression, control, domination, and sexual seduction, they become amplified through emotional electrical currents imbedded through addictive sensations. They are the monkeys’ play land. As the sensations come to the surface, it is an opportunity to purify the field.  For example, instead of allowing the animalistic urge to watch porn, be with the sensations, feel through it, be the observer of your body, and build the stamina to have power over the uncontrollable craving and desire. With absolute discipline eventually all thirsty monkeys dissolve into a zero-point field. You are reinforcing the foundation of your true-self, embraced in the Heart of Mother Earth, strong, anchored, and sustained. This eliminates the sticky strands of STDs.

Since the energy purifies the deeper you go, sometimes nature takes over. The subconscious mind explodes like a burning seductive volcano to break down the limbic system. Disrupting even more habitual self-destructive patterns, entangled deep in the holographic system exposing interdimensional inference. At this point in your consciousness of awakening and deepening, the Flying Monkeys don’t want you free; they play below the belt.  They have your entire records of sensory holographic sensations to source and feed off of.  They know your contracts, past lives, addictions, traumas, DNA, cell memory and false light identities, and entrapped realities.

Unfortunately, we usually don’t know we gave our power away to these realities in this lifetime. We discovery after the fact. Hindsight becomes the teacher to find out what and where the consent was given.  They use powerful strands of emotions to plug into us, filled with a cocktail of non-beneficial energy to use against our free will.  It only takes one strand of emotion for the monkey to leech on and play us like a pawn. Understand none of these entities/realities have the right to your body. You have every right to say no and take your power back.  Sometimes they won’t go unless you use absolute conviction.

We must identify entrapped realities, boundary encroachment by seeing through multiple dimensional traps. They are layered and feed off of each other. One door closes and another opens. Around and around the fun house of monkeys, jumping from one split mind to the next. One way of knowing if you have been targeted is by observing your own non-beneficial behaviors.  Are you: justifying your actions, over-reacting, confused, blaming, avoiding self-sabotaging tendencies, have addictions, have a superiority complex, thoughts or perception that you may feel you have no power, obsessing?  Or you may feel extreme unexplainable pain, which may mean you are ensnared in other hell realities.

I am aware of a few higher vibrational women who were plugged into satanic sexual energy and had no idea; once I was able to show them the plug-in, they saw for themselves. Satanic sensations are such a normalcy in our society, that most of us are so busy with life that we have no clue because our energetic muscle is not deep enough to see evil, hear evil, feel evil, taste evil or sense evil. We think this feel so good energy is organic, yet it is a false light stealing our precious energy, causing extreme pain for all sentient beings.

When you have mastered this kind of dark weight, the entities of dark matter shock, hinder, defy, burn, and target you even more.  Fortunately, by now you have developed the skill level to dismantle this force field and utilize it to transform an inner richness most don’t even know exists. Before long, nature takes over and you have established your inner heavy weight energetic muscle.  Similar to a geologist who uses physics, chemistry, and biology to dig deeper and examine the layers of the earth, until rooted in the core.  There is the gold….a natural resource within all of us.

In a nutshell, think of it as energetic hydraulics. An incredible scientific method of providing power and force that works more efficiently by cutting through the particle of the mind. You then find what lies between the lines, resulting in a deep sensitivity that adds another tool on your energetic weight belt.   When we buckle into our entire body building energy program, we’ll have the power and skill to simultaneously multi-level scan, freeing entangled energy, and not allow any non-beneficial programs, realities, or entities into the body system. Embodying Energetic Ecstasy becomes your second nature.

Energetic body builder tool kit to manage your energy and ward of the monkeys:

ü  Circuit training – Refers to utilizing tools, by knowing exactly what tools to use to build the core foundation.

ü  Abyss  ̶  Be the observer, know which barrier stands between knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it. Integrity to self.  Discipline is key to any energetic weight lifting program.

ü  Balance – Be balanced with emotions by keeping your cup energetically full.

ü  Clean diet – Eat nutrient- alive foods. Be aware of the food source and what energy it partakes in.

ü  Clean and Scan – Refers to meditation, along with cleaning and scanning system at least twice a day.

ü  Compound Training Constant discipline of breaking the mind habits/addictions

ü  Heavy Emotional Weight Lifting – Own your part is everything you to do. Be accountable, humbled and being willing to go deeper by admitting to your error to the person you harmed.

ü  Flexibility  Be flexible – Not resistant.

ü  Flush – Beware and flush out all non-beneficial energy.

ü  Law of Nature  ̶  Use it or lose it.

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan Energetic Multidimensional Cellular Stabilizer

© Copyright 2016

Some excerpts are taken from my manuscript, Embody Energetic Ecstasy, in the works to be published.

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Waking up from the Spell

Dear Star Tribe,

A few days after I sent out the blog, Naomi vs. Naome, I had a number of events take place. It was as if I opened the gates to an energetic circus. In order to reach higher levels of consciousness, I continually take classes to understand the mysteries of this planet and ways to go deeper inside to find my true self.

Sometimes I am so passionate that I get myself into trouble.  A woman I met at the class had heavy fearful religious programming, she believed in entities, yet she needed an authoritative figure to follow. In this case, it was the teacher of this class.

A couple weeks after the class, a group of us decided to get together to practice what we had learned. The woman that had the religious programming shared a story and as she spoke, I sensed a huge entity attached to her, sucking the life force from her. Although she wasn’t very intuitive nor was she energy savvy, she understood the energy of dark forces.  Because I did not know her very well, I was at a loss as to what to do.

I wondered if I should tell her that she had an entity attached to her, yet I did not feel I would be in my integrity if I said nothing, so I told her.  She felt it, once I brought it to her attention.  I told her the entity hooked into her years ago and she validated me. Once a person acknowledges their part in the interaction, it brings the non-beneficial energy present between them and the entity. When this happens, I am able to assist them in grounding and removing the entity. As a Holographic Practitioner, I quarantined the entity, to keep it from harm’s way. Since I wasn’t engaging in a session with her and she was not accepting full accountability, unfortunately, that part of her stayed victim to the energy. This was causing a leak in the energy…meaning the energy was not complete. She had to leave, so I let it go, but that was the start of a downward spiral.

When I arrived home, I was having a wonderful conversation with my sister, and as we were ready to hang up, suddenly, I felt extreme pain in my left rib cage, as if I had been hit. It knocked me to the ground and I lost my breath. It took me a few minutes to gain composure. However, when I awoke the next day, I could not breathe, laugh, sneeze, move, lay down, drive – almost everything caused extreme pain. With Christmas less than three weeks away the timing could not have been worse. I meditated and asked my Higher Self to show me what happened. I was told, “If you see an entity, don’t say anything unless you are conducting a session with the person. If a person does not accept responsibility for their part in the energy transaction between them and the entity, it leaves you open because you intervened in their contract. If she had seen her role as a victim the door would have closed. Quarantined or not.”

In deep and painful humility, I was able to see my blind spot; my hero archetype was activated.  I did not set proper boundaries.  I had been working on this archetype and thought I had almost dissolved it, yet there was another aspect of it I had not seen. Although I was thankful, it didn’t help me with the agony involved.  So I went to my highly intuitive energy worker, who happen to have a cancellation to get me in. I felt the Universe supporting me. It took her three hours, but she found a huge entity under my left breast, wrapped around my rib cage. As we worked together, I was able to breathe deeply, holding on to the table for dear life. She followed the energy of the entity; it was excruciating as she extracted it through myofascial release. She gasped and said that in all her years (20) of practicing energy management, she had never seen anything like this. She said, “This entity had razor sharp talons, and wanted nothing more than to take you down.”  The pain was still there, but was now tolerable – no longer suicidal pain. I told her, “It feels better, but I still feel like I am being hung on a hook under my left rib cage.”

We both saw the same thing – a sword, yet this one was different. It had a metal coil on the end and was powered up like a chain saw, running amuck in my body.  Thank God, she was able to remove it too. After the session, she told me that someone does not like what I am doing.

It felt so good to breath without pain. I cried in gratitude on the way home; even though the pain wasn’t completely gone, I knew I was on my way.  After arriving home, I checked my email and there was a letter from the Illuminati persuading me to become a member of their cartel. It has definitely been anything but boring.

The next day, I had a first time reading from an astrologist named Marcia. I did not know her, yet my Higher Self told me to go to her. She informed me that my chart was amazing because of the mystical sense it shows. She was full of wisdom and used stories as an overview; she told me the story of Persephone the goddess, as a reference to go by in my chart.

Marcia told me that Persephone travels in the underworlds; at first she is resistant because of what she sees. She finds that the way out of misery is through understanding, compassion, and observing the different energies without fear.  She continues to learn and overcome the challenges. At first she is very gullible, yet she finds a power of compassion she did not know she had. She grows into a very wise woman and sees everyone and everything for what they truly are.  One story stands out: Persephone’s sister lost her husband, so she went down into the underworld to console her. Unfortunately, her sister’s anger from losing her husband, took over and she hung Persephone under her rib by a hook.

Awe, finally the last piece to this rib pain to break the spell. Marcia knows nothing about me. I told her about the blog I had written about going to the underworld, that I relate to this story in many ways, and shared the rib pain I had endured for the last three weeks. This gave me more information to help me break free from the unconscious chains I was bound to.

Steve Richards, the teacher of the Holographic Kinetics workshop, told us that almost everything has been manipulated, that the majority of ascended masters, angels, and goddess/gods are false and disguised to deceive in order to take over our bodies. New age propaganda tells people to merge or call them into their body by channeling.  Once a person does this, they gave up their free will to the false non-beneficial entity.  Even though it appears to be positive expanded energy, it mirrors a politician – this is what hooks and keeps people bound.  Every side has two faces, light and dark. Here is a link to Persephone’s story:  It shows the light and the shadow; the key is to know that within each deity there is a beneficial side and there is the side that is used to manipulate the energy. We’re so powerful we don’t need to call in other energy – it is a trap. Yet we have been mind-controlled to do this for many lifetimes.  This lifetime I am breaking the spells!

True Source would not act like these deities. Why would a True Source or any god for that matter, hang someone by the ribs? Or kidnap and rape a young maiden to control and dominate, similar to Persephone’s story.  I hope by now you’re seeing the bigger picture. We have identified ourselves with these stories lifetime after lifetime, and we’re caught in the trauma of them.

It is time to become aware of the game! The woman that I met in the energy workshop somehow triggered a past time loop that mirrored Persephone’s story. An aspect of myself had been trapped. Apparently having an entity that was similar to the one attached to her, activated the entity in me.  The rib pain allowed me to see I was caught in a past time loop giving me clarity to unhook from the pain and suffering. But still, I did not have the entire picture.

Fortunately, the Universe showed me through the astrologist, that I was caught in trauma and identified with the story. I was holding onto the emotional strands of rape, control, torture, oppression, dominance, and hero archetype. That energy has now been released from me.

When we have unresolved issues (usually from past life trauma) stuck in our psyche, breaking contracts doesn’t always work, if there is even one thread of unconscious emotional trauma present, of which we may not yet be aware. The door is then open to allow that energy leak to reinstate that part of the contract. The key is using every reactive opportunity to bring it to the surface.  We must ask what are the emotional components stuck in that lifetime. Then feel it, allow it, investigate it, and the emotions will dissolve that strand discharging the energy that is driving that particular non-beneficial force.  Which will eventually break all contracts.

At that point, the Universe sent another unexpected healer, a gift to clear the finally residue of any impure energy, to make sure my energy field is clear of that past life. We found a few more strands that enmeshed with that trauma.

This entire month, as painful as it has been, has given me the deep insight. A gift to break free. Each of us holds aspects of the characteristics of these different personalities.  It is wise to read them and see where you may fit into the spectrum in order to broaden your awareness. After you have reviewed and noted the aspects, read the mythical stories to break the chains that may be binding you.


Peeling the onion within our own Universal System removes the layers as we go deeper into embodiment. This creates a sustained field of pure organic energy and we become even more anchored into the Heart of Mother Earth – her heartbeat is our own and when we align ourselves with her, nothing on the outside has power over us!

Ask your Higher Self to show you what story, emotions, characteristics, or deity you identify with? Be prepared to see the truth.  Dissolve them to embody your true energetic ecstasy!

With Deep Profound Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Cellular Stabilizer

P.S.  Only takes what resonates and leave the rest. If you’re stuck and need assistance please know I am available for sessions. Also if you would like to donate to the cause of exposing trapped energy, to be free, we deeply appreciate the support.

Resources:  Marcia Wade

Nancy’s Creations –

Copyright@2016 Naome Swan

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What’s in a Name? Naome Swan vs Naomi Swan

Dear Star Tribe,

I am so happy to finally feel safe enough to write my story and get it out in an effort to help others. My out-of-the-box life has caused me to lose friends, and I have had to deal with many jealous women in my space.  Out of concern for me, friends have judged and disagreed with my unconventional lifestyle. I am able to appreciate their concern, but also have compassion and understanding, because I know they are facing their own fear, as I conquer mine.

Because of my history of being judged by others, I want to bring one of my past lives forward into this life to help my Star Seed Family. I am not a walk in; I am an aspect that has been developed over the last seven years. I have been on a Universal Sabbatical to find the keys to unlock the treasures of Collective Wisdom in the underworlds that are rooted deep within. The Galactic Heart has held me while I cracked the codes that opened the prison doors to the murky portals of entrapped dimensions; there I was shocked to find parts of my Spirit.

I had no idea what was happening when I went through these portals. Coming up with sludge in between my toes, pieces of shrapnel caught in my heart, fear and anxiety bled through my veins. There were days when I did not think I would make it.  However, because of my heavy bloodlines and past lives, there was no doubt that this was a set-up to bring back balance. Although the Universal support kept huge intrusions from puncturing my field, I had very close calls. I found when you hold an anchor to the Heart of Mother Earth and have a strong pull to the Power of the Cosmic Galactic Field, non-beneficial forces interfere and try to take you down.

I use Naome Swan as a pen name; because of my experiences, I need to set boundaries for protection. My entire life has been quite the opposite, as I did not know what boundaries were and was swallowed in a dark mass, now known as black goo. My life has been filled with trials, tribulation, and heartbreak.

Unfortunately, people become attached to a personality and put them in a box. Because my box overflowed with victim conscious energy, something needed to change. Even though I have faced many personal challenges and overcame astronomical obstacles and had my heart shattered into a million pieces, I understood that it was for the highest good of all to raise the consciousness on this planet. In a quandary, I wondered why there was so much tragedy. Life is valuable and to lose one life is too many.

Because of my near-death experiences I have come to understand that there is much more to the picture. After deep inner healing, I can say that I am able to raise my heart’s vibration to a very high resonance field.

At these times, I especially felt embraced by the Heart of the Cosmos and held in the Womb of Mother Earth. It was a gift to be able to be supported and at the same time, remember my true organic nature almost ten years after I suffered a tragedy.

At the age of 46, I asked Mother/Father God, who am I?  Why am I here? Who will value me? Suddenly, my whole life turned upside down, and I was thrown into unfamiliar territory where most refuse would go. Now I am bringing these jewels forward to help the planet. I went deep underneath the surface, to dissolve that victim identity and replace it with my Higher Self, known as Naome Swan.

That is where I step in to support my energy field and protect myself, as I am way too sensitive and pure to waste my time dodging arrows, spells, and other lower vibrational energy to take this powerful story down. Artificial intelligence has already chewed up a hundred pages of the first draft of the manuscript. They don’t want the information out. Now that I have told the truth as I see it, the next place we must go as a planet, is purity.

The name Naomi Swan was given to me many years ago, but I did not understand at the time, as I do now. You will discover the many reasons as the mysteries unravel in my book in progress, Embody Energetic Ecstasy.

When I Googled Naomi Swan in May of 2015, the name came up clean, with nothing attached. However, there were five Naomi Swans listed on Facebook and other social media sites. Therefore, I chose to spell her name as Naome Swan. Which is symbolic, because Naome has gone from the small minded (me) to the mature (Me)…to create the WE.

Shortly after I set-up the Gmail account for Naome Swan and a Facebook Time Page, the same day I received a message from a friend telling me I spelled Naome wrong and it should be Naomi. I explained why I had done this. Then my editor Googled the name Naomi Swan while editing one of my blogs. She found this porn site: it was on the first page of Google.  When I checked again a week later, it had moved down the search engine – which is good news!

Of course, I was shocked to see this porn site attached to the name Naomi Swan; I felt artificial intelligence all over this. This site was developed in July 2015, just two months after I checked out the name. I was relieved to know I had spelled the name as Naome Swan. It is no surprise that Naomi Swan – Porn Site is the exact opposite of Naome Swan’s Embody Energetic Ecstasy site; it creates a dualistic reality to take it to the next step of Equanimity. Having opposing forces, positive and negative, creates an oscillation to transform the energy to a state of zero point field of neutrality. We will be using this dualistic force to our advantage, to ground and anchor the lower vibrational fields of porn, past-lives with PentHouse realities, astral realm debris/demonic/satanic, and energetically transmitted sexual diseases, viruses, and eco-system pollution.

We will use inter and multidimensional higher energetic knowledge to move through the trenches. It is an understanding of our true self in the purest form. Simultaneously, we will benefit from the energy by balancing our templates into energetic equanimity. This in turn, will create solar power systems to free dark forces from humanity.

This is done with a daily shower of emotional cleansing, a diet filled with rich, organic food, pure thoughts and actions. By respecting and honoring your energetic temple, you will unplug from lower vibration energy that is only self-serving and no longer fills your needs. When we purify our bodies, we change the planet. First we must understand that our conditioned mind has been highly manipulated and it takes disciplined determination to walk this path. Moving from energetic co-dependency to a total self-sustained interdependent system that develops a inner – strong energy muscle it is essential in these times.

As we know – there are no accidents or coincidences; when it is out of the ordinary, it means the Universe has a hand in it. It needed to happen to ground and Embody Energetic Ecstasy.

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,


Naome Swan
Energetic Cellular Stabilizer

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