Need vs Needy – Shift from Emotional Slavery to Liberation

What is the difference between need and needy? Having a need is an expansive interdependent relationship working toward a common goal. All parties involved empower each other to move forward. Trust is built and the foundation is strong. Needy is manipulative and the energy is indirect. Needy people fear rejection from other people; they have no boundaries and feel the need to be in control because they lack trust.

Humans have universal needs; we all need love,connection, food, and rest. We become needy when our requests become single minded. We think, feel, and act, as if our needs can only be met by one person.This may turn into a demand, because fearful thinking provides no other choice,except the one we box ourselves into.

Being needy stops our flow and creates energy blocks, preventing us from creating our dreams. We have shut down the energy force to Source by being in the way. When we insist on it being OUR way, and in the way we envision, the Universe cannot intervene because we are blocking the flow by being in the way. We lose focus on the present moment, and begin to function out of lack and desperation.

Walking the fine line between need and needy can be a challenge, especially when we are triggered. In order to meet these challenges, people are using the book, Nonviolent Communication by Marshal B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. and forming groups to practice NVC. Groups use tools like observing, feeling, need, and request.Behind every request there is a feeling and need; sometimes those feelings and needs are unconscious. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be in a group of like-minded people that role-play difficult real-life situations using Dr. Rosenberg’s method. Watching the group role-play has been transformational. A deep healing takes place, not just for the person with the challenge, but also for the entire group. This book is a must for those in need of a healing.It helps provide steps to communicate with authenticity, openness, and empathy to another’s needs, as well as our own.

According to NVC, judgments, criticism, diagnoses, and interpretations of others are all alienated expressions of our own needs and values. In the course of developing emotional responsibility, we usually experience it in three stages:

1) Emotional slavery – believing ourselves responsible for the feelings of others.

2) The obnoxious state – in which we refuse to admit to caring what anyone else feels or needs.

3) Emotional liberation – in which we accept full responsibility for our own feelings, but not the feelings of others, while being aware that we can never meet our own needs at the expense of others.

I believe there is a 4th stage, when we meet our own emotional needs, we are no longer projecting on others to meet them for us. We become sustained in our field with no energetic hooks or energetic leaks that may be used for manipulation, and/or underlying agenda’s usually based from unconscious fear and control. We’ve created a sense of peace and trust, knowing our external needs will be meet, now that we took care of ourselves by being present with ourselves.

With Deep Love Naome Swan

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Fine Tuning our Diamond Heart – Walking on the Edge of Integrity

Fine tuning our Diamond Heart turns on the Heart Intelligence as we walk on the Edge of Integrity.  We’re in the process of breaking down the old paradigm, to  bring in a well of  compassion, while moving through the small me mind into the higher “We” embodied mind. Embodiment is a self-examination of hindsight, giving us vision to change our old patterns into our inner-brilliance, like the journey of a diamond, with every process the complexity creates it’s unique catalyst back into the arms of Mother Earth. First, we must examine the value in our mistakes.

Asking these questions deepens our own integrity:  Where do we fall short? Why do we compromise ourselves? How does lack of integrity cause a wobbly foundation? When do we sell our soul? Why do  we sell our soul? Do you feel jealous or threatened?  What causes us to change our agreement?  Do other people persuade us? Do emotions cause us to break our integrity? Do sensations override our common sense? Are there underlying agenda’s? Where do we lose ourselves?

I lost myself years ago and realized the value of self-honesty. We all have heard the saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”  After my only child passed, in the car wreck that almost killed me, that statement pissed me off.  I demanded the truth. Why did this happen? I yelled to the Universe.  Within seconds, my son from the other side showed me how I participated in the wreck. It took a journey back in time to understand.  I was caught in the cross fire of fear.  Once I saw, and owned my part in the car wreck, the energy reversed. The impact killed five people, it was enormous.  In deep humility, I finally forgave myself, the drunk driver, and my parents for driving drunk with me as a child.

I saw how I projected fear on my son daily because I felt helpless. The same dread, I felt in the car as a child while my dad drove drunk. Of course, I did everything in the 3D world to keep my son safe. Especially after hearing repeatedly from the voices in my head, “He would die, by the time he turned eight.” I had no one to turn to, there was very little emotional support, 23 years ago. I had PSTD and it was never diagnosed, even after years of therapy.  Western physiology suppressed the alter’s, instead of understanding possession and integration. Sadly, it took the death of my son to wake me up from the trance I was under. The spell broke, once I saw through the layers of the entire picture. It was heartbreaking to see how powerful the unconscious mind became, a steam roller, crushing our lives like a freight train. After understanding my own prison, I felt more freedom that I ever had. All those years of fear transformed into a warm and gentle strong loving sensation that held me. I finally felt safe.

Looking back, I came out of that wreck barely alive, I had three near deaths experiences. The first two were with my son, which has become our heavenly paradise, our meeting place.  The last one was in the Void of Mother Earth. I was rich with complete emptiness. Yet bursting with black gold, as she nourished my broken Spirit. Suddenly, I felt shocked as nurses slapped my face and screamed “Don’t die!” Their persistence blasted me out of the tranquility and peace that I had been immersed in, and I returned back into hell. The last place I wanted to be was in this severely injured and painful body. Weeks later, I  awoke from a coma. Even though I was confused, I felt a strong force awaken inside of me.  As if something was turned on. I knew I had to do what it takes to keep it on, and the Universe would back me up. I became driven to share my experiences, so other people could learn from my mistake and avoid the tragedy.

What does this have to do with James and the Cosmic Switchboard. Out of everyone I met, James Bartley felt that force and validated the power of something greater than myself was supporting me. Here is how it all began:

Let’s start here. James met Naome a few years ago. He was taken aback by her skills with multi-dimensional deep insight, while simultaneously oscillating the energy to keep the field clean. He saw the capacity she had to dissolve non-beneficial energy, while having the strength and endurance to keep the collective foreign energy out of her space. Which is not an easy task.

Due to Naome’s skills, and transformational force, James invited her on his Cosmic Switchboard Show along with Debra Jayne East, host from Notes from the Underground. They made plans to do a series of different topics. All of them have unique qualities that added different flavors to the show. Debra came from a social worker background helping people rise above social situations and creating more positive life goals to overcome difficult life journeys. James is confident in his speech, he is intelligent, versed, well-rounded and open to diverse views.  Naome is intense, extreme and powerful. She will do whatever it takes to rehabilitate the planet and decode the inverted systems. She holds deep space to navigate challenging energy. All three of them tread the fine line of sacrifice vs resurrection energy. They all have a heart of gold.

Unfortunately, Naome has received backlash her entire life, but even more since the tragedy. Her influential and crucial information triggers the majority, because it’s hard to bare, she walks a dangerous tight rope to find her shattered pieces. Then she shares the jewels.  Her raw, cutting edge information is a hard deliver, according to the quote Arthur Schopenhauer, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

It appears Debra, James, & Naome hit some deep emotional blocks in people to bring them to the surface in their previous shows. The three of them are water signs and with this element, their energy has a strong powerful force, like a waterfall to break open the mind and start the healing process. It worked. Every time they did a show, and soon after James posted it, he said, the Cosmic Switchboard lost members. It is palpable and evidence, their shows hit a nerve. Which is a skill, to break down the old paradigm patterns to build the new.

Their shows are an opportunity to observe and if triggered, ask why such a reaction? Process the emotions, and utilize the shows to reflect, switching to the Comic Quantum Embodied Mind. To build the inner-energy muscle within to support themselves and eventually feel sustained and safe. In addition, James has said, “time and time again, take what resonates and leave the rest.” By running or escaping causes people to lose their inner authority and power to the trigger at hand, which only accumulates, to be used against them later if not cleared and processed.

On the flipside Debra, Naome and James, have also received very positive feedback on their shows. With every podcast they set an intention to be an instrument of Infinite possibilities, allowing the highest good for all. They were driven with passion to support the process to awaken, rewire, reset and restore back to raw organic energy opening many gates, of transmissions to Divine Heart Intelligence. Their shows are based on quality and allowed the Universe to delivery their message to whomever needed the information.

Their original plan was to do a podcast every other month, to keep the information flowing. Fortunately, James had more guest and the Cosmic  Switchboard, which took on a life of its own. Also, somethings don’t go as planned and our personal lives take priority. Especially with James being a new father. As we all know, our lives change after a baby is born.

With the loss of memberships, Dean and James had to make a business decision to keep the money flowing. But they were torn on this matter. They could not understand why the algorithms on the shows with James, Debra and Naome were low compared to the rest of their guests. They felt an esoteric perplexity, a non-beneficial force, behind the scenes oppressing their shows, but they could put their finger on it. It did  not make sense as Naome’s material is very deep, thorough, and on point, for these times. She also has a strong polarity band to duality giving her the force-field of a strong momentum to alchemize inorganic forces. Mysteriously, they wondered why they were being blocked.

Could it be, the majority don’t mirror the Heartfelt Quantum algorithm within James, Debra’s and Naome’s biological embodiment, causing a push pull with Artificial Ignorance within the collective field? Whenever there are opposing forces, it is a sure sign that the information and the embodied biology are in the organic zone. Which could also cause a “seduction band” of carbon dominance blocking the shows, since they make an impact,  adding  intrinsic value to people’s life  In fact, many people have shared how grateful they are for the educational shows and blogs.

Or do their shows stay in the void, until people are ready to see what it’s going to take to move the mountains, of carbon-based energies  to free oneself? Or is it the backlash from people once they see the work it takes? Or a combination of all it?  Sadly, as a society we have been mind controlled to think everything is a quick fix.

By understanding the different forces involved, it gives us inside information. Artificial Ignorance is conditioned miasma:  I know it all, I don’t need to change. I control to get my needs met along with defiance and resistance. Manufactured with addiction, jealousy, competition, seduction, oppression, dominance, fear and control. Which is the opposite of Quantum Algorithms Heart/Intelligence embodying authenticity and total awareness of all involved to bring the energy to balance for the highest good of all.

Making it about the “we” and everyone Wins. The Heart Intelligence holds Sacred Heart Space. Allowing the Highest, without Inference. Trusting the Sacred Heart, connected to Mother Earth, the Universe and the Cosmic Source, thus all needs are met. As we navigate, we find out what force(s) are fueling our embodied pipeline. Understanding which force have more of a stronghold, gives different dynamics and a clear view of the situation.

With the loss of memberships, James and Dean need to survive and make money for the business and to support their families. They came to cross roads, and of course chose their survival. Who wouldn’t? They need people on their show, who have a platform already built, so the shows are seen in the algorithms. Social media is all about numbers, quantity and followers.

That is the last thing Debra and Naome want…their about allowing the organic balanced energy to naturally guide the process to open a new paradigm. Old business patterns are also stuck conditioned miasma. Debra and Naome come from the intention that if one person received value that is all that matters.  Since they don’t have a platform they will no longer be be guests  with James Bartley on the Cosmic Switchboard.

First and foremost, I am deeply grateful to be seen by James. He has given Debra and I an opportunity to share our wisdom and be guests on the his show. It has been a huge gift! We appreciate our time together and of course we want what his best for his beautiful family.  Our intention has always been to create a win – win for all involved.

After observing and contemplating, we can see from these different perspectives, to anchor in a new dimension of compassion. “Everything does happen for a reason,” to dig deeper and find out why, we do what we do. It is a huge opportunity to change our thermodynamics into authentic balance, aligning with the organic forces of Universe.  As we walk through these fine lines of creating a win win, we will be moving deeper in our integrity. I know for myself, in the past, I slipped and lost my moral compass for survival. That is an easy fall. My guess is we all do from time to time, as we find our shattered parts in this world of injustice. Consistency and understanding are the keys to keep constant integrity to be balanced within our trajectory to avoid imbalance.

Through experience, we have the insight to see how we lose ourselves in different realities under the bias of control. We might ask, what caused an outcome where people had to be excluded for the means of survival?  What opposing force are we invested/infested in? Years ago, I put all my energy into saving her son, I was infested in fear and control instead of invested in trusting and surrender that he will be okay.  Unknowingly, my unconscious mind collaborated with the dominant and oppressive forces that took us down. As a society, where are we infested in money, control, oppression and fear instead of investing in ourselves and trusting the outcome? We’re all learning. As we become the observer, and by being a deep compassionate witness to ourselves, we lovingly accept each other in Divine Presence, even among the false identities. We’re all doing our best to find the balance within.

Debra and I, will continue shows on her network, Notes from the Underground. James will be an invited guest from time to time. He will be greatly missed from our series, but I know our heart-felt passion to diamond heart embodiment will not stop us from delivering our message.

It takes a community to shift from the old to the new. We would love your participation with opening the door to a new paradigm. By taking energy to the next level. If our shows touch you or trigger you, please process and anchor the energy to move through the oppressive boulders. When coming from a clean place, after you processed all emotions, then please share our shows/blogs. By sharing our information or anyone(s) it’s an acknowledgement and an honor for all involved. Your energy has now added intrinsic value …which creates an authentic thrust of power for everyone who participates. We’re all interacting with the elements we embodied, the contributions of each individual element deliver an effective synergy.

Each time we honor each other, it honors ourselves and turns on the organic elements to support the force fields of integrity and sustainability into collective endowment. It’s an organic energy exchange and an investment in ourselves by gifting, sharing, respecting etc…which turns on the Heart Intelligence within ourselves. I have found the past few years, that Heart Intelligence is mirroring Artificial Intelligence it is supporting me, through messages on my phone and computer. For an example, if someone call me on the phone, and their energy is not clean…my computer flips a page that say, “VIRUS ALERT.”  Within in a few minutes the person shows their true colors.  We have the Power to Fly together!

We trust everyone will continue to listen and share our programs.  We appreciate all the work, support and love you have givens us.

Thank you for your Beautiful Diamond Hearts!

With Deep Profound Love & Care

Naome Swan & Debra Jane East

Copyright © 2018

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Transforming the Collective Parasitic Imprint


The Universe/Source is always guiding us, if we would only pay attention to the Universal Language of Nature.  We are so powerful, but we have forgotten the capabilities of our absolute knowingness through the Heart Intelligence.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and many other teachers have explained the science behind quantum physics and the connection to all energy frequencies within the energetic environment that one resides.

Since we only use 5% of our conscious brain, the other 95% remains unconscious, it makes sense to look at the disturbing state of this planet, and observe the disarray among us.  From the candidates for this year elections in the US, to the global tragedies.  The pain and suffering we’re all enduring is spilling over into our physical, emotional, and spiritual world like a toxic landslide of backed up pollution, attracting hideous viruses, like a parasitic opportunist feeding on it host. Yet, the host is so busy resisting the truth about being preyed upon, it would rather be eaten alive. We must be willing to look at other species to understand the hideous climate change within our own ecology. By understanding nature’s wisdom.

Lucy Jones discovered (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis), parasitic fungus is a spore infecting the ants in the rain-forest. It takes 3-9 days to invade the insects. When the fungus has completed its life cycle, it has the ability to manipulate and overtake its body directing it away from safety.  The pod of ants proudly march up a tree soaking in humidity from the fungus to grow. Then the ant chomps on a leave and die.  The fungal threads arise from the corpse within 24 hours, pushing through the stem, to shower spores, to infect more ants. A cycle of no return.

Another example, researchers in Texas combated fire ants — by deploying parasitic flies that turn the pesky and economically costly insects into zombies whose heads fall off. As a society we need to become smarter than a colony of fire ants. And see where we repress parasitic entrapment, to free us from costly mistakes. We fall for the storefront deceptions and partake in their poison conforming to a species with no will power, no value for life, resulting in helpless humans.

This produces a society, afraid to take action for the benefit of their well-being. According to Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman the Director of the Penn Positive Psychology, “Learned helplessness is when people feel helpless to avoid negative situations because previous experience has shown them that they do not have control.” Helplessness is a past identity that we have taken personal, which accumulates energetic toxicity in our body, causing uncomfortable sensation in the cell memory. Some would call this black goo, implants or inter-dimensional hijacking. They all have the common factor of inner-dominated ownership.

To escape the painful circumstances and burning, and sometimes torturous sensation, we take pain pills, drink alcoholic beverages, or even escape through food or sexual addiction. The way out is acknowledging our state of mind and empathize with ourselves.  Ask yourself, “Am I feeling numb, shut down, horrified and afraid?” Become the observer uncomfortable sensations of anxiety, helplessness, and despair of the accumulated cell memory. At this point, we open up the quantum physic door ways to assist us. We bring the past to present time. The more we do this, the stronger and more sustained we become allowing organic energy to support us. A person I coached said, “Sitting with these sensations are like wearing an itchy sweater.” How symbolic. We have a choice to sit with this itchy sensations by focusing with our Higher Inner Intelligence or chase our tail back into external/material entrapment by needing something outside of ourselves to put a band aid over the restless accumulated sensation.

Comparable to our capitalistic agendas, it echoes the obsessive consumerism as a weapon turning the human species into helpless zombies. As ugly as it is to look at, we have to be aware of the undercurrent to find our inner-strength and power within, to dissolve this troublesome inorganic vampirism. We must first change our habits and understand the theme of our thoughts, sensations and addictions. By evicting these invaders, we’ll takes our lives back. It will, however, take strength, determination and resilience to change the neuropathways of the entire mind, body and Spirit. Preparing us to have sustainability, strength and fortitude.

We must make it a disciplined habit to uncover layer, upon layer to see the root of where the parasitic tentacles have attached. The mutation allows the negative parasitic energy to feed off self-destructive behavior. It may be tiring, tedious, and challenging, yet our lives are worth it. Everyone on this planet has been infected in one way or another. We are a host for the negative energy, and death is not a get out of jail free card. Even if we lose our physical body, we are magnetized into other non-beneficial realms of the unhealed consciousness. This is the law of cause and effect; it shows us the parasitic illusional realities in which we have become entangled.

We are not free until we encapsulate into our organic template by owning every thread of negative energy that we participated in, that caused pain and suffering on this planet, to ourselves, others, or animals. We do so by looking into every corner of ourselves with courage, and taking action to value ourselves. It is important that we understand and feel in our being when where we are triggered and overreacting.  Remember being present with yourself stops the feeding, if not we get pulled back into different thought forms.  For example, what does it feel like when we buy a new car? Joy and exhilaration. However, the external high has the potential to turn into a parasitic obsession, if there is an ego attached to the car, meaning we need the car to feel whole. We’ve been confused, because we attach to the vehicle as if it’s the person’s value or identity. The key word is attach.

Unfortunately, as a collective consciousness, we have created a feeding frenzy of inorganic waste by placing value on something outside of us because we are overly attached on the outside world.  Because of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, our society is in crisis that is in need of healing. “We need to know thyself.” Nothing is safe, except our Inner Source Energy. It takes skill and inner-discernment to tap into pure clean fields of untouched energy to support us. But refusing to look deeper into our own psychology, causes a weak persona, wanting everyone else to be responsible for our own unconscious patterns. This lack of self-awareness opens non-beneficial behavior, causing energy leaks, producing opportunistic parasitic human’s piggy backing on others for a free ride.

Which allows ‘conquer and divide’ to rule the mind. That part of the human is being eaten alive by an obnoxious pest, causing emotional captivity. Seeing the truth is impossible with this contaminating perception. This triggers an emotional reaction that energetically charges a toxic reality.

When we choose to be open to the multiplicity of insights available, we reclaim our power.  This means awakening, and clearing the cellular structure by acknowledging the pain and suffering within ourselves. Which opens up another frequency wave to another depth not seen yet. Known as multi-dimensional insight.  This serves to awaken the unconscious mind, bring in organic energy to dissolve the parasites. Its causes energetic homeostasis which builds character, and creates an organic pipeline bringing clean energy to support the pain and suffering through your Heart. This is the antidote for parasitic energetic disruptors. It is self–organizing and it’s free. By being present with deep compassion for ourselves and others, allows us to understand the depth of pain, torture and suffering. While being in this present moment, creates an organic field which actually frees us from parasitic mind viruses. It takes a strong energetic muscle to sustain embodiment.

We can do this by ourselves, however there is also synergistic power in two or more! As we share the organic genetic codes, and the aspects of our true selves, it opens up the unconscious trap doors of past or future lifetime realities to liberate us from parasitic entrapment. It changes karma into dharma, which expands the Heart Intelligence to infinite capabilities to heal thyself within all layers of the quantum field. This has the potential to eliminate the collective parasitism. We then become masters by using our collective pain, to transform the energetic collective parasitic imprint.

Tools for Freedom:

  • Meditate – Clean Your Energy at least twice a day. Especially upon rising.
  • Feel through your pain and don’t project it out. Embrace it with your Heart.
  • Create equal exchange.
  • Acknowledge and validate yourself.
  • Deepen your integrity by investigating your motives.
  • Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Value and Honor yourself.
  • Have authentic actions to be in alignment with the Divine.
  • Invest in your wellbeing/mind, body, Spirit.
  • Take responsibility for your own body/mind by being disciplined.
  • Don’t give your power away to anyone.
  • Set proper boundaries to avoid bondage.
  • Be aware and/or avoid animal/gluten/sugar/processed and GMO food products.
  • Do your research before you ingest anything into your body.
  • Don’t do any kind of mind altering drugs.
  • Do a google search on all food, chemicals and cosmetic products you use, to see how it affects the nervous system. If we buy products that abuse earth, animals and ourselves, we are participating in the parasitic traps.

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Multidimensional Cellular Stabilizer

Copyright © 2014-2017

Video discussion/Heart Intelligence & Transforming the Parasitic Imprint: 

Some excerpts are taken from my manuscript, Embody Energetic Ecstasy, in progress.


Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman/Helpless Humans:

Fire Ants/ABC News:

Lucy Jones/BBC Earth:

Neuro Science News:



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Choosing the Hero Within!

Within any relationship there is a dynamic that we must examine to see if we have built a foundation that is either based on illusions or the denying of oneself.

As we travel into the infinite mind and the corridors unravel, we see all players, all sub-personalities, and all identities. Many are associated with the webs of co-dependency that make it all about ‘me’, therefore, we are not seeing the omnipotent self.

In some cases, one or both partners, do not choose the relationship. When one does not commit 100%, it drives the emotions through the rocky road of insecurity. This results in some form of control, because fear is operating on a level not yet seen. How do we unravel the turmoil of the mind, in order to discover where the inorganic energy is being affected by the fear virus?

Let’s use an example where one partner is consistently choosing work, addiction, friends, or even sex with others over his partner. However, perhaps he dashes in for a quick fix of emotional care, maybe a little sex, and is off again into his fanatical world of outside pleasure, thus making it about the “me” and “my” needs … resulting in separation, agendas, or conquer and divide energy. Meanwhile, his partner is left in the web of confusion.  Wondering why something so spectacular has been polluted with forces outside of themselves. (Note in this example I used the masculine energy, yet it works both ways.)

Our Spirit is constantly showing us the way out of the corridor to grow our wings and fly.  One must ask themselves, why would the partner I am with, not choose me? What am I not giving myself? What is my partner showing me? What belief am I identifying with? Am I comparing? What is it about me that is not enough? Is jealousy involved? Whatever identity I am wearing is it causing duality within myself? Is there a blind spot of negative energy running the show?  That spins into crazy resentment, blocking precious heart energy. At the same time, is it choking my life force with more blindness? All to fulfill an outside need that only I can fill.

As a society we have been heavily conditioned with the hero’s journey movies to be the chosen one. We feel a sense of relief, knowing in the end that the hero survives and helps those around him. With this type of conditioning, we choose the outside forces to make us whole; we fall for the fantasy, and identify with the characters in the movie. This produces a misleading heroic journey, living a life filled with masks, hoping to find the maiden to save. We go through life with an upside down map – not knowing which way is north or south. Our confused perception wonders why our fanatical world hasn’t come alive.  We deny ourselves, with a sense of abandonment or self-rejection, repressing even more emotions, resulting in a system full of sludge. At this point our life becomes murky and falls apart; we are then caught in a downward spiral. Unfortunately, shame and guilt attach to the false identity, as a means to shield our selves from the painful reality of delusion. We then punish the person we love, because they did not meet our self-absorbed game called the hero’s journey. Fortunately, energy can be transformed as long as we’re willing to look deep within and face those parts we have denied.

The first place to start is by becoming emotionally available to our self. This will dissolve the heavy unconscious imprints that are keeping us bound in pain and suffering.  We’re able to find deep compassion knowing that we were subjugated as children. We were wide open, allowing the conditioning to start at a very early age.

Removing the conditioning takes courage, to find and examine the energetic structure of the patterns in the mind, requires consistence focused awareness.  When we have a very strong will to heal, sometimes we unconsciously set up a stage to expose the buried land minds to find the gold inside.  That’s exactly what my husband Rick and I did. We have what some people might term an ‘open’ marriage. But it’s not. Nor is it polyamory, its  a supportive creative monogamy partnership for these intense times.  It is a dynamic “out of the box” relationship to meet the needs without government interference. We have been married for twenty-six years, but now feel that our karmic circle together is complete and it’s time to close the term marriage and let go. However, we both live with autoimmune diseases, due to a sequence of unfortunate events, and have agreed to stay together and support each other as friends. Rick wants to support me because he deeply cares for my well-being.  However, he is no longer interested in an intimate relationship. He is aware and has made the choice to not to go deeper into himself on this level. Therefore, we have become energetically miss-matched.

Burning our old marriage contract shifted the energy and opened the door to unity, community, and self-love. We no longer feel we are in a marriage contract with each other.  We don’t need a middle man to file divorce papers. We’re creating something new to up-level our consciousness by different experiences to wake up our subconscious minds.  Standing alone for the first time in years gave us a view we had never felt before. We were so neurotically enmeshed with each other that we knew on the highest level that it was time to untangle the strands of co-dependency. Not really understanding where our lives would go, we recognized that we would find what we needed to grow deeper into our True-Self.

When I least expected it, Jason entered my life as a new character in the cast I call my life.  It was like nothing I’d ever felt before; it felt as if the doors of enchantment opened and pulled me into the passage of self-discovery so that I can find those stubborn streaks and one day reflect to the world the organic power of my True-Self. It only made sense that we become one family, supporting each other in whatever way we could. Rick totally and willingly surrendered our relationship to Jason, somehow knowing that the relationship would explode in the shadows of dominance, control, and oppression. He provided me with another new and different opportunity to grow and learn.

Jason and I both had work to do to clear our negative attachments. Equality, trust, and equanimity are the truest forms of our organic nature; this means loving oneself so deeply that nothing on the outside has the ability to cause pain and distress. Doing so will create an encapsulated field with the inner masculine holding the inner feminine, and allowing her safety. Meanwhile her emptiness has the ability to be completely whole even among the wild fires inside. This takes deep self-love, melting blocked emotions to become the alchemist, turning her into energetic golden waves of ecstasy.

Jason and I agreed that our unconscious and conditioned mind, were causing problems. We wanted to work on the constant interference, programs and monkey mind. Just when we found ourselves, the doors opened to our past lives. This only fed the sea of flames fueling our emotions, which is perfectly designed to clear our energetic field on our journey to wholeness.

All three of us know that this is the key to freedom. This dynamic will bring entrapped inner child wounds to the surface; most don’t see this until there is a place of structured safety. We found it takes a family to raise the inner wounded child into maturity and while all three of us explored into our own Hero’s Journey.

Of course, this dynamic brought emotional wounds to the surface. Jason felt like the third party on many levels, as his inner child felt excluded. Until he loves and honor himself, his fear will continue to cause separation within the relationship with himself and with me. Jason chooses to be in for a while, yet I am not the priority in his life. He finds ways to deeply open my heart, makes promises to change, and give me hope.  Yet, somehow things would change. Jason would leave me for a job, family, or the most painful of all – connecting with other women friends on an intimate energetic/emotional level.  Naturally, I feel rejected, abandoned, and scared as the fears well up inside. All I want is to be chosen by the man I love, however, it’s too unsafe to commit fully and be by his side without Rick. Meanwhile, Rick held space for us to see how wounded our inner child’s minds, were. Coming from similar backgrounds, we both had been scarred from abuse. We experienced similar upbringings and were also caught in the cross fire of our fathers’ womanizing and our grandfathers’ pedophilia.

What does one do? Pull out the tools from the physiology of the patriarchy paradigm and call it red flags and put up boundaries?  Take anti-depressants? Do we fall in the victim game and blame?  Do we call it quits because we aren’t getting our emotional needs met?

Or do we stand in the fire and see our love for each other? Taking responsibility and accountability for our own emotional unavailability? Are we willing to see our projections of fear? We soon recognized that we had been punishing one another because their scars run deep. Blinded by confusion with our judgmental swords and found it too painful to be at war. We both, shut down our hearts to our own Hero Within. It is impossible to save another, without first saving ourselves. As we grew spiritually and emotionally we realized that the only way out is within, by being our own Hero. This is the true Hero’s journey.

How does one become ‘their own’ Hero? One must acknowledge where they are falling for the illusion that the hero is outside of themselves. It is easier to look on the outside – yet it is hugely rewarding to look within.

Each partner must do their part to embody the field of ecstasy. It is easily tainted with strands of toxic emotions. One cannot do the work for the other. If you’re ready to step up to this courageous inner awareness – be ready for a challenge, an adventure, and ride the tidal waves of intimacy. It will give you the intelligence and passion to remove the deep emotions that are blocking your heart.

By asking questions we open the energetic field for healing.  Where do you avoid being the parent to your inner child? Is it work, an addiction, the next relationship, hobbies, family or friends? Notice if the fallen hero has an emotional wars inside.  Is it numbness? So you don’t have to feel the energetic weapons stemming from your own mind? This will only result in creating layers of more armor around the heart, allowing outside forces to play the game of fanatical attachments. Not choosing yourself is playing the game; it poisons the mind allowing in external inorganic pollutants that destroy relationships by sabotaging the Hero within. By being the victim to your own fanatical grandiose hero projecting out with emotional needs.

Would it not be better to stay in your own domain and be in mature observation? There one has the ability to sit in meditation and actualize their emotions by feeling the sensations that arise in the body. This will allow the Divine Presence of their Higher Self, their Spirit, to love and hold their inner child. Taking such loving action in it’s self, encourages the inner child to feel safe by feeling seen and included. It also alchemizes the fearful emotions, dissolving them into their True Source.  This has the capability of melting the emotional prison walls, creating space in that moment; then the Hero’s Journey stops being a game, because we are choosing our own inner Light. We then shine with true Heart Essence – radiating at a frequency of Divine Ecstasy.

At this point, both Heroes are already whole in their entirety, with no attachments, only organic cosmic waves of purified delight.  Their purified Hearts opens wide to their Loved One. The orgasmic electrical field transmitting through the meridians in the body is causes a planetary resurrection, awakening the world to a new profound journey. Choose the Inner Hero’s journey … the time is now to be Free!

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Multidimensional Cellular Stabilizer

Some excerpts are taken from my manuscript Embody Energetic Ecstasy in the works.

P.S. Here is the link to the youtube video discussing this blog in deeper detail:


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