Embodying the Inner Sacred Masculine – Undressing the Blue Elephants in Pandora’s Box

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Driving is a symbolic analogy to our conscious mind. Men love to drive fast; sometimes they aren’t paying full attention and put themselves or others at risk. Some think they can get away with having one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand in their addiction; this is where we get hooked and thereby get into trouble. It causes them to drive their vehicle carelessly. Whenever both hands are not on the steering wheel and we are not fully alert, there are energy leaks within the body’s energy biological system.

The energy biological system of the body is a self-contained Organic Soular Embodied Universal Vehicle (OSEUV) where all inner-engines run mutually interdependent of each other. It is co-creating Inheritance within the framework of the Inner Sacred Masculine and Inner Divine Feminine energy and experiencing limitless internal enchantment. They co-create together the entire inner- structure by uniting and birthing purified energy to feel/fuel through their organic engine. This creates a cohesive field of universal support waking up all senses to a deeper heartfelt sensuality into embodied energetic ecstasy.

Our hearts are the magic wands; we just have to know how to manage our energy to bring in our own Divine and allow the Sacred Masculine/Divine Feminine within to be the force, to power our embodied vehicle for us. This means letting go and trusting our *inertial cosmic organic original sacred design to see the bigger picture and not the third-dimensional, small-minded compass, but with absolute confidence embodied in the driver seat. We must fire on all cylinders for smooth performance through multi-dimensional realties. The bonus is Fueling/Feeling our Solar Embodied Universal Vehicle, burning off inorganic carbon-based material while being deeply present. However, we must have a diagnostic evaluation to uncover faulty codes, to repair and access our inherit Source energy.

To simplify let’s start in the 3D world.  AARON MILLER is the Rides editor for Super compressor. His article, “All the Ways you’re Driving Like a Dick and Don’t realize it” gives us insight to our own blind spots so we can correct them within our in-organic body’s energy 3D system/vehicle.  Arron shares, “Allstate commissioned a study where drivers rated themselves, and two-thirds said they considered themselves “very good” or “excellent” drivers, but were much less complimentary about 80% of everyone else. It’s a little thing called “illusory superiority,” when we lie to ourselves about how good we are at certain things even if we’re pretty honest about other people’s screw-ups. What does this mean? It means you’re almost definitely driving like a dick, just like the rest of us.”

First, we must look at the wounds of an unbalanced body/mind that causes “illusory superiority”. Similar to the women producing an illusory second attention to survive through seduction (discussed fully in Inner Divine Feminine blog), the masculine has been conditioned to produce illusory superiority as a coping mechanism to protect themselves due to heavy scarring to not feel, not cry, shut down all emotions, keeping them pinned up until they implode with rage. In  the meantime, it’s programming them to objectify, as one of the ways to man-up in our society.

Although, as we deepen into feeling/knowing/nourishing – our sixth sense; it opens the heart, allowing higher intelligence to take command of our embodied vehicle. This purifies the energy field. It takes focus and skill. It is important to be sustained and patient with one-self; observing the habitual addictive fanatical visions and not fall for temptation to sexual sensations. It allows the sensations to rise without acting on them.  We must be the observer of our own inner world to be in tune with our vehicles, to master all sensations in the Heart/Body/Mind. It takes conscious discipline, not allowing sexual leaks to clog your fuel line.

We have been steering down the illusionary highways, while piling on everyone(s) pollution around us though roads of entanglement. By reflecting how the masculine energetically violates and objectifies his own feminine energy gives us insight to hidden blind spots that hit below the belt and blows up the engine of the Solar Organic Embodied Universal Vehicle.

Some men that are disconnected from deep shock, combined with trauma, sexual seduction, violation and confusion fuel their vehicle with dangerous toxic mixes of exhaust, emitting poisonous gases. Since they have been taught to repress their emotions, it takes a roadmap back in time to see, where they are caught in a round-about of destructive thoughts. Sometimes the psyche of the person is unconsciously trapped. This is when they’re stuck in many life time obsessive/compulsive loops, because the past abuse is so unfathomable that they can’t swallow it. The emotions of rage, powerlessness, control, and fear become their passengers.

For an example, a little boy hides in a closet while his mother is being physically and verbally abused. In the first layer of emotion, he feels helpless and afraid. After the violation, the second layer of emotions he feels are anger, resentment, guilt and shame for not being able to help her. The third layer he feels abandoned by his mother, and he is confused because his mom is supposed to protect him from a world in which such things happen. He doesn’t feel safe. Notice how these layers of emotions stack and build on each other like a backed up freeway system in need of repair.

Another example:  in the United States and parts of Canada, infant boys are circumcised shortly after being born. Can you imagine, being warm in your mother’s womb, ready to face the world, with all your senses wide awake, to experience the love and nourishment from your parents, but instead, you’re suddenly yanked out, to have the top of your penis clamped and cut off without anesthetic?

It’s akin to cutting off the main sensory throttle to the embodied vehicle causing all the engine lights to go on, circumventing emotions as a defense mechanism and disconnecting the infant from their feelings.  They are left emotionlly scarred, with the program “it is too painful to feel.”, which causes a distortion in the shaft  throwing the entire axis out of alignment.   In order to have the shaft run in balance, the *centrifugal coupling between the two bearings should be balanced and neutralize each other for an organic force to fuel/feel the engine. Instead, undo stress in the shaft interferes inducing loss of power and reduced torque due to backed up lines from emotional blockage.  This shock produces a crack in the embodied vehicle’s headlights, blinding them from the truth, causing them to “miss” the mark (sin). Operating from sin (blindness), they become easily influenced by persuasive manufactured subliminal marketing brands with slanted objectified messages. It becomes more about checking out than checking in to avoid the pain.

The International Journal of Men’s Health has published the first study of its kind to look at the link between the early trauma of circumcision and the personality trait disorder alexithymia. The study, by Dan Bollinger and Robert S. Van Howe, M.D., M.S., FAAP, found that circumcised men are 60% more likely to suffer from alexithymia, the inability to process emotions, which will automatically back up the reactions in the 2nd gear…mirroring the women’s 2nd gear seductive attention. Without the sensory throttle, a man’s ability to feel an organism has been hi-jacked into Never, Neverland, needing Tinker Bell juice to rev his engine. What a set up! No wonder men drive like dicks!

Writing this has taken me to my knees in deep compassion for the men that have endured such a horrific crime. Here is an educational video to unmask the truth so we can stop this barbaric practice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeAXantm4tE).

Unfortunately, as you will see in the video, parents are programmed to have their infants circumcised, which is a huge disturbance in the universal vehicle. Steve Richards, Holographic Kinetics teacher, explained, “The Spirit of the baby boy knows this is not a natural procedure resulting in blaming his mother for not protecting him. His Spirit is split apart from the trauma, leaving heavy scars in the child’s unconscious mind, body, and Spirit.” This explains why men, just hours after they enter into this world have challenging emotional lives. The trauma shatters the psyche by breaking down the defenses of the human body. The emotional terror/tear in the universal vehicle, caused from the circumcision, amputated their main pipeline to discernment allowing violation within the vehicle.  It’s no wonder we have borderline personalities disorders!

Another blind spot is watching a father, or another male figure, physically and/or verbally abuse his mother, sister, or another significant female in his life. The child is heavily scarred to think that this is a normal way of being. There is no spark for life. At an early age, there is a pattern developed to disrespect, dishonor, express anger toward, and hate the women they allegedly love; because if you love her – it will only manufacture pain.

Over the course of time, the environmental elements can cause the spark to cross over from one spark plug wire to another due to inner-entanglement from resisting emotions, causing carbon build up and confusion. When that happens, frequently a sticky carbon track forms, gunking up the engine, which cuts off the spark. It’s very similar to that of a cracked distributor, causing his inner feminine, to backfire.  By rejecting this part of his embodied vehicle, he is essentially choosing to ignore the “check-in engine” light, to punish- her, abandoning his own inner feminine within. Which continues the pattern of carbon build up and dysfunction violation, spewing toxic fumes from his embodied vehicle and missing the mark, gambling with life, obviously not playing with a full deck of cards. Without feeling the pain of his inner-feminine, one or two of his cards remains trapped in trauma. By refusing to maintain the disturbances in the embodied vehicle and acknowledging the entire deck of cards, he will drive the same pattern until the engine blows up, dies or the vehicle crashes.

Without sensory discernment, illusionary superiority entraps him unknowingly.  Violation shows up in many forms. Distorting the view of the driver, causes violation to the point that the embodied vehicle is so use to the violation that the inner-masculine has no way of knowing or seeing anything else.  I once spoke with a man who had a distressing childhood. His grandfather was a pedophile. He witnessed his grandfather fondle and violate his sister, right before his innocent eyes. He became confused. Love to him included coercion, manipulation and molestation. His beliefs were distorted.

A few years later when he was twelve years old, he asked his sixteen-year-old babysitter what the birds and bees were. She said, “I will show you”, and had sex with him. In his young mind, he thought it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He did not understand he had been violated. All it did was pile another layer of confusion, behind the identity of Illusionary Superiority.

Victims of sexual abuse/molestation are baffled because on one level, it can feel very good to be touched, explored, and desired, but on another level the Spirit of the embodied vehicle knows there is some form of violation, yet without the sensory throttle’s ability for deeper discernment energy leaks plug into justification spinning the embodied vehicle out of control.

In this dysfunctional family, the little boy, not only witnessed his grandfather violate his sister, but felt excluded that she was given brand new toys, while he received dirty second- hand trinkets.  In his mind, his sister was the chosen one. Right then he was set-up to believe that the female body is to be used for his pleasure, and you gift them for more. The next layer, the boy feels angry and helpless because he can’t protect his little sister. He feels responsible, but doesn’t have the maturity to know what to do. The third layer, he felt agitated, fueling his carbon based body by resenting his sister for getting the new doll, while he received the old worn out plaything.  Then the babysitter rapes him, which felt good to him, so he never looks at rape as a violation.

Here is where the cards were misplayed:  (1) It’s okay to violate young girls. (Boundaries are broken – it’s okay to dishonor boundaries.) (2) Buy them gifts (Justify actions with an agenda to violate.) (3) Resents the chosen one, his sister. (Resents his own -inner –feminine & punishes her.) (4) Violation feels good – so it’s okay. (If anything feels good that justifies my actions.) (5) Females are objects (Objectifies his inner- feminine, rejects that part of him.) (6) Oppress and dominate to have control (Fear of losing love. Manipulate and violate at any cost.) (7) Fear is the undercurrent of the child (Abandonment is at the root. I will violate to be loved.)

Years later, this man had major heart issues and had surgery. After going through hell and back, he barely made it. He was astounded to discover his psychic abilities during his recovery. He sought help with what he was experiencing because he didn’t understand all the different non-beneficial energetic forms he was seeing. It felt on some level like he had lost his mind.

He was taught from misguided teachers to meditate and astral project to better manage the energy. However, he found the astral realm to be a fanatical playground. Since he did not understand the truth behind the curtain, some of these entities from other realms were able to seduce him. At times, while he was asleep, they would come into his dreams and violate him. But, because it felt good, he allowed it, not realizing he was energetically being raped.

Not only had he been raped, but he now unknowingly is building his toxic highway system with even more accumulated carbon based sexual sensations and corrupted desire. His embodied vehicle had been turned into a synthetic enamel branded machine engraved with a pedophile trademark. Driving his vehicle into seduction and predatory energy, fueling his carbon body with more pollution.   Yet, he had been working hard on his layers and saw the astral realm was a set up for sexual addiction, violation and that these possessed entities are falsified tricksters. Filling his inorganic tank with bad gas, it caused indescribable glitches that manifest themselves in pretty bizarre ways like poor performance or foul smells and other misfires.  Again, the engine light went off.

Because of his heavy scarring, he learned to objectify females, producing energy leaks causing a need to syphon from Tinker Bell.  His justification continues to violate her because the pattern of resentment from his sister unknowingly set him up to reject his inner feminine energy, putting him in over-drive.  This state of constant high revving wears the engine down and makes the vehicle unruly.  With one hand in addiction, he mismanages his embodied vehicle out of alignment.

Due to his misaligned vehicle, his adult relationships are stuck in blame, from his habitual projections of carbon distortions. His gunked up engine blinds him even more, producing more losses in the future. Through his illusory superiority distortion, if the female is the chosen one, she ends up being rewarded through violation while the masculine is left out. This reflects in his outside world triggering extreme pain with partners in his life, sabotaging his life without fully understanding all the players of the distorted dicks in his mind. Which broke his heart so many times, it malfunctioned the embodied carburetor, crashing his vehicle

To enliven the embodied vehicle it is important to keep the heart engaged to awaken the sensory throttle back into the original organic embodied alignment.  It takes tuning up and rebuilding the affected parts of the engine, to be in touch with your emotions, to enhance/maximize the performance and unclog the bad carburetor to awaken the fuel/feel radiating with focused precision.

The lungs give life to the Heart, because it pumps pure blood/plasma throughout your veins and arteries, ultimately giving yourself a new spark and clear pathways to connect you to the crystalline grid Universal highway system. Without the lungs, the heart will not work. Like the Sacred Inner Masculine and Divine Inner Feminine, both must co-exist by supporting each other.

Breathing in each other and being deeply present gives your embodied vehicle meticulously crafted alignment to move with purpose.  Restored with Jewel-Eye headlights to efficiently see blind spots with laser sharp discernment, along with high combustion to burn off lower carbon based frequency to clear emotions. The embodied vehicle is able to run efficiently and even transform from a heavy carbon based fueled vehicle to one of clean Soular power.

When men are ready to see their own inner- feminine and acknowledge where they have hurt her, be with the emotions, see their blue elephants in Pandora’s Box and undress their archetypes, they will reap rewards. By transforming their character defects to Divine qualities of compassion, empathy, understanding, nurturing, intuition (powerful insight) in order to give the masculine the ability to transform the world – it is Heart Altering.

I hope you reflect and see what elephants are hiding in your own Pandora’s Box to bring your systems back to an organic field of Embodied Energetic Ecstasy nourishing your Organic Soular Embodied Universal Vehicle. OSEUV back to harmonic balance.

If you rather watch for deeper healing  here is the Youtube Video. I spent many hours, creating this, it took me to my knees, I cried, I healed, I released, I laughed, I surrendered, I was humbled….I hope the same for you.

Embodying the Inner Sacred Masculine — YouTube video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIEaySGcC-Q&t=35s 

With Deep, Profound and Organic Love,

Naome Swan
Energetic Cellular Stabilizer

Copyright © 2017


Foot Note: * In Newtonian mechanics, the *centrifugal force is an *inertial force – An inertial frame of reference, in classical physics, is a frame of reference in which bodies, whose net force acting upon them is zero, are not accelerated, that is they are at rest or they move at a constant velocity in a straight line. Inertial Force: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inertial_frame_of_reference

All Ways you Drive like a Dick and don’t realize it: https://tinyurl.com/nfsgrko

Earth Vision: http://www.earthvision.info/archetypes

Carolyn Mass: http://bit.ly/1iY69dt



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